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December 12, 2018

ACO Association Journal Update for 2019

ACO American Communications Online

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

1:30 PM

I have a company which I have filed in Gulf Breeze FL USA 32563.


We are a legal entity separated from my own personal account at Navy Federal Credit Union of Gulf Breeze, FL 32563.

Our website is: https://AmericanCommunicationsOnline.com

American Ciommunications Online
ACO Club
ACO Association
TJ Morris Radio.

My former friends online have joined me in my Ascension Center Organization as ACO which we filed a federal Identification number along with ACE Folklife Association for an unincorporated association basically about folklore and legends shared in song writing, and told as passed down from one generation to the next in the Appalachian Mountains in and around Kentucky and the South.


This is for entrepreneurs who desire to share in my life as a friend who needs my assistance as a publicist and I bring them on my radio shows.

We can use my radio show websites which I have grown since June 6, 2012.



I also have shared with others in the radio syndication business my Cosmos Connection Magazine.


My personal shares are on my websites called http://theresajmorris.com

TJ Morris Media at http://tjmorrismedia.com

TJ Morris Agency at http://tjmorrisagency.com

My own personal ACO Club as the http://acoclub.app

TJ Morris Radio

In my club, I separate for members only the various interest groups for publishing information and educational purposes.

After my husband died Dec. 2, 2015, I moved to Gulf Breeze, FL USA where I could share all my family and friends interests with various family and friends who had their own ideas of interest.

I have the ACO Association with articles and by-laws I have used since I began managing many of my friends own personal independent accounts online for them and I bought a hosting company through Go Daddy.com. My company has been known as ACO Theresa J Morris Media News Publishing Agency. I have been using TJ Morris in public and in the publishing industry since March 8, 2000. I had the American News Magazine, and the Americana Magazine in Kentucky until Dec. 31, 2015.

We also share our Non-Denominational Spiritual Community as http://theresajmorrisministries.com.

My charity work is about rehabilitation of my family and friends who have had life challenges with topics such as ADHD, CANCER, ALCOHOLISM, Drug Dependency, and other life self medicating or dealing with anxiety, depression or those who have had Post Traumatic Stress Disorders known as PTSD.

We also specialize in public relations and marketing for various topics dealing with consciousness, and psychological educational entertainment as a form of teaching using the internet online webinars and classes.

ACO Club
ACO Association

Our various peer review journals are shared as Educational Research Association Community Online Press. This has a website known as ERA COP. http://eracop.com.

We have various Peer Review Journals We share for various Social Network Groups on Facebook.

We share our spiritual community as the http://ascensionage.com as Ascension Age Guidebook.

Paul Rosenberg”GO SOUL FIRST” Cosmos – Co-Founder of ASCENSION AGE 2012 & Beyond. With Thomas Ray Morris and Theresa J Morris

We also have for our author friends the Authors Book Club to promote authors books who are independent entrepreneurs in alternative genres. This is our http://authorsbookclub.org

In our Author’s Book Club Organization we also share our UFO Genre as an association of our accomplished peers who want to share in accomplishments and to be recognized in our writing contest.

We also give out lifetime achievement awards when our senior journalists are recognized in a given year. Must be a member of our ACO Club for at least 3 years such as Stanton T Friedman, and George Filer.

UFO Association is http://ufoassociation.com


UFO Secret Space Command at http://ufosecretspace.com

For Now our Administrator is CHANT HANNA and PATRICIA BULLOCK along with myself THERESA J. Morris.

Our PAYPAL ACCOUNT according to their own rules as shared with me I can have only 1 account and this is under the original as TJ Morris Media and TJ Morris AGENCY as TJ MORRIS MEDIA PUBLISHING AGENCY. I am listed as an author and publisher. According to IRS am a writer and journalist.

We have various supporters of our cause in the spiritual community shared as the ACO Association.

I call my own personal work and for my associates the ACO Association.

For future EVENTS and all DONATIONS and support will go into the one account and it is up to my accountant to figure out which of the associations will support which event or all can be sponsors.

Theresa J Morris

Pres/CEO ACO Theresa J Morris NETWORK

TJ Morris Agency


Make Checks Payable to: American Communications Online.

If you want to use your debit or credit card please go to paypal.com and use the email of TheresaJMorris@gmail.com to get to our account.


You can go to any of our websites we have listed to share in donations as your support. You can become a contributor, editor, author, or administrator.

Most of our Social Media Online Administrators do the volunteer work for our groups as we have no operating funds and all business overhead is paid for use of the internet by Theresa J Morris personally. She pays all radio shows, servers, hosting, and GoDaddy.com C Panel monthly and annual payments along with the radio marketing as Blog Talk Radio, Spreaker, and other locations out of her own pocket. As of 2019, we would like to begin paying for all our overhead for our marketing and radio shows ourselves as the ACO American Communications Online.

A copy of this is given to Thomas A. Sinisi, and Janet L. Thompson Lessin of Hawaii USA who are valued as closest friends in the power of 3 with the original 3 main supporters and CO-Hosts of the TJ Morris ET Radio SHOWS.

Also, a copy is given to Chant Hannah to EDIT for the social network groups postings on Facebook.

Thomas is Tommy Hawksblood a pen name as an author and speaker who has been an active contibutor since 2012.

Janet is Janet Kira Lessin also a pen name as the author and speaker who has been an active contributor since 2012.

Janet Kira Lessin
ACO Producer
Project Stargate to the
Event Organizer 2018.
Albuquerque, NM

Chant Hannah and Patricia Bullock joined 2017-2018 as online social media consultants and coordinators as entrepreneurs as independent contractors and volunteers in our ACO Association to assist Theresa J Morris with the groups she personally began online.

<<Bontrager-Torah-Book Synopsis.pdf>>

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