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December 12, 2018

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Theresa J Morris Book to become something NEW in 2018! FOR YOU TO SEE

Theresa J Morris

Portal Stargate Star People and Starships

Stargate to the Cosmos

Chronicles of Consciousness

By Theresa J Morris


I was dreaming. I came up with the power of 3 when speaking and communicating what level of my awareness is in tune with what I am receiving.


My data was being gathered and I began analyzing. I must know of how and why our consciousness of my mind alone inside my body works.


There is more to me. A depth of understanding that goes far beyond this one lifetime. Far beyond this being here now in the present. This was not a daydream.


I want to know more about who we are as individuals and why we are all playing out roles to each other and some of us are in family units and many of us have no idea that others exist in far off lands and places we cannot travel to.


I have traveled out of country, so I know how it feels to fly over the land and sore through the clouds.


I want to begin sharing my life in chronological order to look at how I became the person that I am today.


We are all more than who we are told to believe in such as we are our mother and fathers son or daughter. We are more than students in school.


I awakened to know that this morning I was more than my dream state, my lucid dream state, my awakened conscious state, and my memories. I was more than data and what I have collected to teach me to think logically and with my imagination.


I had been told I was a level CE5 based on the teachings of man I met in a jet in the sky over the United States.


I was already on a spiritual path when I met J. Allen Hynek. A name in Ufology and now Alienology. I was a seeker of my own truth of what happens after we die and where do we go. I had more than two near death experiences. One from when I had a blood cleaning through a machine like now is called a kidney dialysis machine. I had hepatitis and a machine was used to clean my blood in 1958. I died and saw angels.


Then again, I died, and I experienced another level of existence. I had placenta previa then and had a caesarean section.


I had been seeing aliens or extraterrestrials since I was taken. I still remember to this day knowing I have a family in space and one on the planet. I guess being told not to talk about it became obvious over time to me. The reason I wanted to work for the government was taught to me from the time I was just a little girl. I knew I could find out about the people who were my family in space and that someday I could go back to be with them in human form.


My mother, father, two brothers, and at least two husbands are now on the other side of somewhere. My late husband said he would see me on the other side.


Now, I am 66 years old and I guess I am going to join the ranks of story tellers to come. I just do not know if being a Private investigator, Legal Investigator, and Government Investigator is as glamorous as it once was. I got to go see the first James Bond Movie called Goldfinger by Ian Fleming on a big screen in Houston, Texas with my boyfriend and future husband. He had five scholarships and chose to stay in Houston to be near me. That is how we became the proud parents of four daughters

We all have lives and stories to tell that is our perception through our own filters of how we perceive our lives to be. But then there is also that part that analyzes our own lives as a conscious observer. There is also that inner knowing spiritual soul essence that feels deep inside and in touch with the all knowing that some of us call the God source and God Mother or Heavenly Mother. As a child I was only taught about a father and not a mother. I am not sure what that was about. It was when I got in trouble that some part of me tried to speak to my father in heaven. I felt the energy of a male figure, but it was always my God Mother who answered my prayers. I guess I still believe in guides and angels. I know there is a part of me that works with those above and those below. I know that there is a part of me that is inside of me and services as an outreach part of my personality so that others can know me or at least the part of me I am willing to show them. Maybe people know of our ego and id and that we are all just visiting this planet.


Anyway, my girlfriend Janet Lynn Thompson Lessin who prefers to go by Janet Kira Lessin and I call her J.K. Lessin wants me to write a book. She also wants to write a book with me. We are going to call it the Stargate to the Cosmos. I already have one part written and put it on my website and called it Stargate to the Cosmos. This small part is to share when I was taken up again after my husband died. My earth family was not on board the spacecraft. But, the person most would refer to as their God Father or savior or Christ was who I first spoke with in the spacecraft. It was travelling over earth and picked me up. Whether I took my body I cannot tell. I was taken and put into a seat on the ship. I do not know how I floated over the ship it was like in a light capsule or beam of knowing of my thoughts. I sat down in a chair and felt me conform to the large chair. It appears I was on a jet in space like I had been accustomed to flying on earth but much larger. It compared to the business class jumbo jets. I had been on many jets and this was much larger. It was silver grey gun metal on the outside and had long tubes next to each other. Large tall antennas stuck out of it. My husband had drawn photos of several but this one was very long and had many long tubes connected. It was moving through space. I was looking around and saw a lot of people travelling and I knew they were ambassadors from other planets in other galaxies.


I was familiar with other galaxies and was a universal soul. I had a universal soul knowing about me having lived many past lives. I was there to be thanked for my work and told to keep doing what I was doing. I looked around and some people would be considered giants now next to me and I am five feet ten and a half inches. I knew based on comparing their size to those of us on earth.


I have many various time frames to tell about meeting with people who are not of earth. These will be my chronicles. For now, I am signing off because my right arm is hurting. I have bone spurs, tendonitis, and am causing myself pain when I type with my fingers. I guess I will learn to dictate into my computer now., I have many books available onlulu.com and Amazon.com under my author names as Theresa J Morris or TJ Thurmond Morris.

Maybe being connected to the outside world I can possibly find others who are on a similar quest. We all have a tribe in the universal order. I am here to find mine and how to get back into space once again where I belong with all those immortal souls who send us down here to this planet.

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