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    The 2019 Topics for Discussion in our ACO Club Pokémon Go series and our SPJ Journalists series of playing cards are now out for discussion. We welcome all our new members who want to participate in our worldwide discoveries of our trainers in all areas of the world. Pokémon GO has taken on a whole […]

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December 16, 2018

American Communications Online



Active Member List of Websites who are syndicated with our Group.





American Communications Online
ACO Club
ACO Association
TJ Morris Radio.



ACO Network Media Partners Broadcast Media Productions

Name: Theresa J Morris
E-Mail: tjmorrisagency@gmail.com
Company: American Communications Online
Email: ​tjmorrisagency@gmail.com
Target: sic:7383
Geographic Area(s): United States
Additional Information: American Communications Online, ACO Radio Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

American Communications Online Annual Memberships Open to Businesses.

Annual Membership Dues (effective April 5 2018 Active Videographers wanting to participate in our library and archiving history of documentaries.

ACO Broadcast Members in Video production- New York Area Age Business Nonbusiness Under 40 $2,020 $480 40 and over $3,900 $880 A New York Area member is one whose residence or principal place of business is within fifty miles of City Hall in the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York. Washington, DC, Area Age Business Nonbusiness Under 40 $1,710 $410 40 and over $3,320 $740 A Washington, DC, Area member is one whose residence or principal place of business is within fifty miles of the Capitol in the District of Columbia. National Age Business Nonbusiness Under 40 $1,090 $280 40 and over $2,110 $480 Dues Categories (Per ACO By-Laws:)

ACO Non Business Members

Depending on volunteer services may be contracted pro bono or in trade at our events if basic membership of $20.00 is met annual to be a member in good standing. $5.00 Membership Card must be shown with the ACO Logo on it.

ACO Writer’s and illustrators may be Nonbusiness members:

Those who are “regular members of the faculty of any accredited educational institution, who are in the public service, who are on the staff of a voluntary organization, or who are accredited writers, commentators, journalists, or other media correspondents.”

Business members are “all other members, except for honorary members.”

General Dues Information:

Annual dues are billed in the first month of ACO’s fiscal year.

All dues should be paid annually or semiannually in equal installments. Annual dues cover goods and services provided by ACO Network Media Partners. $25.00 Annual Page in our Association.

Participation in radio shows is by sponsor opening for 1 hour or 2 hour shows.

They are NOT tax-deductible as a charitable contribution. ACO Articles and By-Laws. Provided online on ACO Association.  Suspension is based on lack of participation and payment of members dues in good standing.

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