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ACO Professional

TJ Morris Agency – ACO Association – ACIR-American Culture International Relations Information for International Digital Internet Marketing advertising and public relations educational entertainment communication of information for our ACO Club
Information on the ACIR Initiative use in the digital internet we should be aware of this with TJ Morris Agency and American Communications Online.

Theresa J Morris, Agent of Service for ACO – ACIR – ACE – TJ Morris ET Radio.

 Apply for ACIR -ACO Membership Today

Founded in 2012, the ACIR Network Initiative is A member organization for ACO Association to engage in a Trusted Brand as ACO – ACIR companies engaged in ties relating to Business to Business, and Entrepreneurs Personalized Marketing and Advertising and Public Relations Online.

 ACIR members share a common vision of strong, industry-lead self-regulation to promote shared values among our industry members and foster trust in the online marketing and advertising international ecosystem.

ACO and ACIR share the ACE Metaphysical Institute and ACO Invisible TV educational entertainment goals in spiritual educational entertainment and cosmos conscious community building with TJ Morris Agency.

Our membership consists of over small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, educators, engineers, scientists, technologists, webmasters, and   companies that engage with consumers both online, as well as across mobile and television platforms to deliver relevant marketing, advertising and public relations work.

Members and companies trust our ACO – ACIR – ACE Brands in our International Marketing and Manufacturing Trade Association to help them adapt to rapidly evolving best practices and standards. ACO and ACIR with TJ Morris Agency share agencies, brands and publishers that work with ACIR members and ACO Brands have recognized the value of this commitment. If your company is evaluating membership, there are key benefits you should consider.  

Many brands, agencies and publishers ask about ACIR and ACO membership before partnering with our friends who share information on their own experience’s tech companies.

ACIR membership helps you demonstrate your commitment to transparent and responsible data management practices and distinguishes your company from competitors because ACIR members are known to support strong standards through our ACO Association Articles & By-Laws as we all  gain access to knowledgeable experts in compliance – The ACIR – ACO – ACE  compliance team has conducted reviews of companies  since the inception with Theresa J Thurmond in 1978 as the original ACIR as Assured Confidential Investigative Reports for consumer services, insurance companies, and law firms.  Theresa J Morris began her own new Brand for assisting in community building March 8, 2000. In its near twenty years of operation its members staff are intimately in-tune with the industry and its members’ business models, how members work with each other in this space, and what constitutes best practices for the industry.

Nobody in this space can say the same, as we self-regulatory body for our own marketing, advertising, and public relations with third party advertising companies. ACIR – ACO Association volunteer staff helps members stay updated on evolving policies, best practices, and current issues through ACIR – ACO -hosted webinars, eNewsletter, the annual ACO -ACIR – Cosmos Conscious Consultants Club = Allied Command Organization a Department of American Communications Online  Expo Summit, and through regular member communications, webinars, and meetings.

While ACO – ACIR volunteer agencies, consultants’ staff cannot advise members on their individual legal obligations, our team of attorneys and technical advisors help member companies identify potential issues with business practices that involve the ACO Association Members e before they become significant and costly problems.

The ACIR -ACO Association takes a proactive approach in helping members identify and address potential violations.

When you become a member, the ACIR-ACO Club enhances the compliance efforts of your own internal teams and systems by providing proactive, ongoing monitoring of opt-out tool functionality, and support to help you understand and comply with the ACO Association Ethics and Articles & By-Laws.

You will be part of an organization that is helping to shape the future of Personalized Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations in our own journalism best practices and innovation in our spiritual educational entertainment community.

The ACIR- ACO Association is the voice of ACIR-ACO – TJ Morris Agency and ACO Association International Trade Association of Brands, Agencies, the third-party advertising ecosystem in Washington D.C. and represents the industry in front of policy working groups, and at other industry events. We work with policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss and debate the most pressing issues facing this industry. We provide regular updates and information to our members so they can remain up to date on important issues. As a member, you will distinguish your company from the competition and demonstrate your commitment to brand integrity, consumer trust and responsible information management. Join the ACIR -ACO Association today. 


Network Media Partners

A wealth of opportunities to expand your knowledge, build your skill set, advance your career and connect with the American Communications co-creators in synergy.  We are sharing our business to business partners in journalism, broadcasting media both audio and video training online. We share our imprint as Timely Manor Books of TJ Morris Publishing Media News information in management and in social media.

We share the ACO Trade Association with other associations both for 501 (c) 3 and profit while we co-create a cooperation community in the world.

We are a fellowship support group of people in cyberspace who assist in service to others. We are proud to share that we are

ACO arts and sciences community, an educator, and information a news source.
…a voice, a partner, an opportunity, a job lead.
…driven by its mission to be the leading professional association for knowledge, education, and solutions supporting American Communications Online Information Management community.

You can join us and fulfill your need to continually learn and grow professionally. Whether it’s finding answers to issues or networking with those in the businesses with category listing, key words, and topics for your own search engine optimization and celebrity in our own spiritual science community,

Membership gives you the tools and spiritual arts and sciences connections you need to solve problems and keep your career moving forward.

American Communications Online, you gain instant access to valuable member benefits designed to give you inclusion in outreach and networking. Our webinars cover a vast array of ACO topics, all free to become certified I any topic and category by our peer review committee members.

  • Convenient, flexible access to webinar recordings and our pdf files for education.
  • Discounted registrations to our educational courses that can be held onsite at your location, topical forums and annual Conferences. Most all health and wellness integrative medicine practitioners must keep up their level of understanding in their genres or topics of expertise.
  • Complimentary subscription to the ERA COP Journal Review, the premier magazine for the virtual assistant time travel portal stargate profession (online and searchable).
  • Discounted pricing on conference recordings and publications if sponsored by our ACO Association public benefit corporation
  • Access to online past conference presentations.
  • Subscription to Newsletter for American Communications Online Industry news.
  • Resource library of templates, checklists and other tools to help you do your job better.
  • Industry benchmark studies.
  • LinkedIn, our member-generated online community group where you can connect with fellow members to forge new professional relationships, ask questions, share solutions and enhance your career success.
  • Virtual connections via American Communications Online’s membership directory.
  • Further your career skills and networking through our volunteer opportunities.
  • We share offers of the Professional American Communications Online Certification Program,
  • ACO professional certification program for our communications systems/information management professionals.
  • ACO Association Membership provides you with special member rates for preparatory materials and courses and the ACO exam fees.

We will assist in recommendations for people who need jobs.


You’ll Be Doing

Assist project teams on the design, development, and fielding of training systems for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Participate in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) from Requirements Analysis through Implementation.

Work closely with the software team throughout the simulation development process to provide detailed subject matter knowledge on the command and control operations of designated systems.

Draft/review documentation to support the training system development effort.

Provide knowledge of designated DoD Joint operations, space operations, orbital mechanics, and insight into training needs.

o Report System Defects, Retest And Track To Closure Required Qualifications

Use your Subject Matter Expertise, analytical and problem-solving skills you will create and execute manual test cases in accordance with an established  test strategy to verify/validate the system requirement specifications for software under development;1modeling and simulation of satellite behaviors and advanced payloads.

Modeling and simulation of aircraft behaviors including cockpit controls.

o User interface design & implementation.

U.S. citizenship and eligibility for a U.S. Department of Defense security clearance. Please verify U.S. citizenship in your resume or cover letter.

Submissions without a statement verifying U.S. citizenship will not be considered.

Minimum of 4 years of Department of Defense space operations experience.

Experience With Operating Multiple Space/satellite Systems.Strongly Desired Experience/Qualifications

Recent experience as an instructor or evaluator in the area of space operations.

Bachelors or Masters degree.

CCS-C/AFSCN operations experience.

Missile Defense and/or Space Surveillance Operations experience.

Curriculum developer in the area of space operations.

Hewlett Packard Quality Center (HPQC)/Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM) & Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System(DOORS) experience.

What’s In It For You?

Working on challenging and innovative projects.
Our future ACO Association Public Benefit Corporation

For our visionaries.
Becoming an integral part of an innovative, employee-owned company, which provides a full range of benefits including paid vacation time, tuition reimbursement program, health and dental insurance, life and disability insurance, Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), and 401(k) plans What Are You Waiting For?

Are you a problem solver?

Are you an innovator?

Are you an entrepreneur?

Bring your great ideas to life!

Submit your resume and Apply Now! Send resume to TJ@AmericaCommunicationsOnline.
Reply to ACO American Communications Online an equal opportunity employer. At present we will be working with contractors and send our 1099’s. Our accountant in in Dallas, Texas. Our attorney is in Houston, Texas.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to, among other things, race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, disability, or other basis protected by law. Drug Testing Employer,


Documentaries on various niche genres including CO Association Members as individuals who are authors, consultants, organizers, and former military retired including Defense & Space, Computer Software, and Aviation & Aerospace

Employment type

Contractual by 1099



Job function

Human Resources Director Virtual Assistant offering computer support for a web presence for small businesses.


Headquartered Florida is a public benefit directory of friends working with American Communications Online which in the future on to be a public benefit corporation as an associate member and/or employee-owned small business with additional offices located throughout the United States that has been serving Government and commercial clients as ACIR since 1978.Our brands are now ACO-ACIR-ACE.  We are among the very few agencies that have successfully integrated mass media broadcasting education entertainment live streaming with the advanced technology capabilities of a defense research, development, and engineering firm with the creative talent of a full-service video, film, recording, graphics design, sound design, and set construction/exhibitory business.

We are interested in Cosmos Expo Visionaries as members in our ACO Association. TJ Morris Media News Publishing Agency is now dba American Communications Online in Florida, USA.

ACO Professional Memberships for entrepreneurs are included in our website for each paid month to be included in our directories. Must go through our vetting process.

Our Story

People want to know what opportunity you saw or how your passion led to the international cooperation of sharing our friends as a peer review association, not just statewide in the United States but International with other countries. We began as local festivals for rural counties and grew to include authors clubs and spiritual tourism sites. Now we include medical tourism.

Meet the Team

Write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service.
Why? Because people want to know who they’re doing business with. It’s a human thing.

Theresa J Morris Ministries

Theresa J Morris

Founder & CEO





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