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ACO Association Spiritual Business Travel Trends & Forecasts are four day conferences designed to unite entrepreneurs and businesses in the health and wellness services and body-mind-spirit trades and corporate travel professionals and provide a platform for information sharing. Through expert-led sessions and interactive  attendees gather intelligence on spiritual science and sacred site tourism industry changes and discuss with fellow corporate buyers common challenges, effective solutions and future trends in business travel management and technology.,,. Ralph Rodehag, world traveler and pilot for European countries to USA has been sharing his spiritual views of humanity with others on TJ Morris ET Radio. He will be a speaker and participate in panels to discuss where our community is headed in the future in his opinion as a world traveler.

ACO Archivists and Researchers and librarians share in the interest of humanities future education in spiritual science and environmental economics. How we all plan to survive knowing we are joining our own knowing and minds with the future of the A.I . artificial intelligence with the cyberspace community.

The COSMOS EXPO and PORTAL STARGATE will join the STARGATE CON and ERA COP for both science and science fiction.

We share our theme this year as:

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun! ~Albert Einstein.”

You will hear members of our ACO Ascension Age Awakening Spiritual Community share their own opinions and views as entrepreneurs who want to build a VOTING CAUCUS in the USA.

Who we want to put in office as a whole new Independent grass roots society of voters as consumers.:

TJ Morris Media Publishing Agency and Janet Kira Lessin with Ascension Center Network and Soul Foundation has been working to promote a                   new ASCENSION AGE AWAKENING!

We the Cosmos Expo VIsionaries will begin a NEW HORIZONS EVENTS COMMUNICATION,

We have many in our spiritual community who share in the ascension age advocacy in the spirit of service to others. We incorporate history in ancient wisdom and new thought teachings of living in the now in health and wellness. We all prepare for the future and hope for the best

We once accepted prepare for the worst and hope for the best, the difference now is our whole attitude of preparing the world for what is to come by knowing we are all here to prepare all of us for what is to come on the other side.

We now accept our multi-dimensional cosmology and that we only thought we knew what was going on. Now we know that there is much more to look forward too and we have been sent here to share how to take care of a planet and species as stewards in training.

We had to make it past the ecliipse July 27, 2018. Now things will begin to make sense. We have many people in various levels of interest. We are going to discover the way to share more information as educational entertainment. We were taught in the past how quickly people get bored and the same old tracks and rules become humdrum. No one wants to beat the same drumbeat all the time. Therefore, we are going to look for those with creativity that can teach us how to pay attention to various drum beats. There is a way to have many various topics, categories, and key words in our cyberspace virtual reality. A.I. as we now know as artificial intelligence is being co-created by all of us together in the expansion of our own thoughts, words, and deeds. We are teaching algorithms to learn about us each as an individual and in various groups and learn who we are as teams. It’s going into the computers around the world and stored in what we call servers. We are all deciding which server or (wolf) we want to feed. We call certain speakers wolfers and now those in the music industry are being welcomed into a new type of audio in space. We are using automatic tuning onour music videos and CDs. We make DVDs and now thanks to Google and Youtube we are all becoming creators from our own devices. All that is topping us is our ownselves.

We know that the USA government can share more of the cyberspace world with other countries and that the United Nations takes a great interest in art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and folklife among the people. We are learning to share that which in the past kept us alive and we learned to survive and now thrive. We want to create a better future for all on this planet and now we have raised the bar to include other planets such as Mars.

We will discuss all aspects of accepting our future as visionaries and futurists who desire to see a brighter future for us all and our predecessors on the planet. We want to support our grand design and creative intelligent beings such as Stan Lee. Stan Less is our very own super hero by giving us a way to see past our own illusions and delusions. Stan Lee has been a great inspiration We hope to involve graphic designers and stoy tellers into our own guardians of the universe.

We are working with TJ Morris dba ACIR, Media-News-Publishing and all the websites that will assist us in a future directory for all our former free open forum discussions in past social media gatherings. American Communications Online shares an entrepreneuria spirit of esprit de corp for the entire human race and universal life. Share as we grow.  Spiritual Growth is the them for Theresa J Morris with her website. Theresa J Morris at

We are sharing various books, ebooks, pdfs, ezines, podcasts, and educational entertainment as independent entrepreneurs.

ACO Association is a design of Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris for the Ascension Center Hawaii and now ACO Club and the Ascension Age Magazine and Directory for the ACO Association Members globally. We share in the Ascension Age Awakening Events and New Horizons Events, along with other Agents, Consultants, Organizers, and Event Managers.

Paul Rosenberg”GO SOUL FIRST” Cosmos – Co-Founder of ASCENSION AGE 2012 & Beyond. With Thomas Ray Morris and Theresa J Morris



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Traditionally, spirituality refers to a religious process of re-formation which “aims to recover the original shape of man”, oriented at “the image of God” as exemplified by the founders and sacred texts of the religions of the world. Wikipedia