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ACO Association Club

TJ Morris Agency – ACO Association – ACIR-American Culture International Relations Information for International Digital Internet Marketing advertising and public relations educational entertainment communication of information for our ACO Club
Information on the ACIR Initiative use in the digital internet we should be aware of this with TJ Morris Agency and American Communications Online.

Theresa J Morris, Agent of Service for ACO – ACIR – ACE – TJ Morris ET Radio.

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Founded in 2012, the ACIR Network Initiative is A member organization for ACO Association to engage in a Trusted Brand as ACO – ACIR companies engaged in ties relating to Business to Business, and Entrepreneurs Personalized Marketing and Advertising and Public Relations Online.

 ACIR members share a common vision of strong, industry-lead self-regulation to promote shared values among our industry members and foster trust in the online marketing and advertising international ecosystem.

ACO and ACIR share the ACE Metaphysical Institute and ACO Invisible TV educational entertainment goals in spiritual educational entertainment and cosmos conscious community building with TJ Morris Agency.

Our membership consists of over small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, educators, engineers, scientists, technologists, webmasters, and   companies that engage with consumers both online, as well as across mobile and television platforms to deliver relevant marketing, advertising and public relations work.

Members and companies trust our ACO – ACIR – ACE Brands in our International Marketing and Manufacturing Trade Association to help them adapt to rapidly evolving best practices and standards. ACO and ACIR with TJ Morris Agency share agencies, brands and publishers that work with ACIR members and ACO Brands have recognized the value of this commitment. If your company is evaluating membership, there are key benefits you should consider.  

Many brands, agencies and publishers ask about ACIR and ACO membership before partnering with our friends who share information on their own experience’s tech companies.

ACIR membership helps you demonstrate your commitment to transparent and responsible data management practices and distinguishes your company from competitors because ACIR members are known to support strong standards through our ACO Association Articles & By-Laws as we all  gain access to knowledgeable experts in compliance – The ACIR – ACO – ACE  compliance team has conducted reviews of companies  since the inception with Theresa J Thurmond in 1978 as the original ACIR as Assured Confidential Investigative Reports for consumer services, insurance companies, and law firms.  Theresa J Morris began her own new Brand for assisting in community building March 8, 2000. In its near twenty years of operation its members staff are intimately in-tune with the industry and its members’ business models, how members work with each other in this space, and what constitutes best practices for the industry.

Nobody in this space can say the same, as we self-regulatory body for our own marketing, advertising, and public relations with third party advertising companies. ACIR – ACO Association volunteer staff helps members stay updated on evolving policies, best practices, and current issues through ACIR – ACO -hosted webinars, eNewsletter, the annual ACO -ACIR – Cosmos Conscious Consultants Club = Allied Command Organization a Department of American Communications Online  Expo Summit, and through regular member communications, webinars, and meetings.

While ACO – ACIR volunteer agencies, consultants’ staff cannot advise members on their individual legal obligations, our team of attorneys and technical advisors help member companies identify potential issues with business practices that involve the ACO Association Members e before they become significant and costly problems.

The ACIR -ACO Association takes a proactive approach in helping members identify and address potential violations.

When you become a member, the ACIR-ACO Club enhances the compliance efforts of your own internal teams and systems by providing proactive, ongoing monitoring of opt-out tool functionality, and support to help you understand and comply with the ACO Association Ethics and Articles & By-Laws.

You will be part of an organization that is helping to shape the future of Personalized Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations in our own journalism best practices and innovation in our spiritual educational entertainment community.

The ACIR- ACO Association is the voice of ACIR-ACO – TJ Morris Agency and ACO Association International Trade Association of Brands, Agencies, the third-party advertising ecosystem in Washington D.C. and represents the industry in front of policy working groups, and at other industry events. We work with policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss and debate the most pressing issues facing this industry. We provide regular updates and information to our members so they can remain up to date on important issues. As a member, you will distinguish your company from the competition and demonstrate your commitment to brand integrity, consumer trust and responsible information management. Join the ACIR -ACO Association today.