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ACO Association Code of Ethics

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Theresa J Morris <>Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 3:10 PM
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ACO American Communications Online
Community for friends of TJ Morris ET Radio Shows and Body-Mind-Spirit Culture. Please read the last article on our part in the BODY-MIND-SPIRIT TJ Morris Agency – Agent of ServiceVirtual Marketing and Public RelationsMedia-News-Publishing Spiritual Science Educational EntertainmentACOTheresa J Morris
& FriendsTheresa J Morris is a small business owner. TJ Morris dba ACIR is her federal registration name since September 2004. Prior to that she worked under her maiden name as TJ Thurmond. Theresa serves as an ambassador of goodwill in public relations and as an online administrator for various interest groups in social media.  Theresa personally maintains her own media-news-publishing group of friends who join her ACO CLUB. THE ACO CLUB is involved in serving as agents, consultants, organizers, with friends and supporters in social media.The category in business is education and health The life skills are improved upon so that each member can be recognized as their full potential selves. Health and wellness are topics of discussion in spirituality. Spiritual Science, metaphysics, esoterics, parapsychology are the most interested topics for entertainment and health and wellness with friends and their social habits and behavior modifications with a cultural historical research group is at the heart of our gathering of information. We have authors who share their personal interest in research and get to know each other as a peer group and review board.TJ Morris dba ACIRTJ Morris dba ACIRA BRAND OF TJ MORRIS ACIRAllied Command Officers
UFO Secret SpaceTJ Morris MEDIA
TJ Morris Agency
MagazinesACO Club -American Communications Onlinea division of TJ Morris dba ACIRTheresa J Morris
American Communications OnlineTheresa Janette Thurmond Morris is the owner operator of a woman owned small business in the United States of America.  Her brands are TJ Morris, ACIR, ACO.Theresa J Morris is also known as TJ Morris in MEDIA and as an AGENCY. TJ Morris Media, and TJ Morris Agency.Theresa owns the imprint TIMELY MANOR BOOKS, an division of TJ Morris Publishing since 2004.Theresa also known as TJ shares American Communications Online with her various resources, as BOOKS, EBOOKS, VIDEOS, MUSIC DVD’s, RADIO SHOWS, WEBSITES, and her own private club as a socIal club.TO CONTACT TJ FIRST EMAIL at or for her ACO TJMorrisAmerican@gmail.comOnce she gets to know you she will then see if you are a good fit in one of our social club groups. Theresa J Thurmond Morris works with ACO to increase awareness in educational entertainment and is categorized in education and health in business.  Integrative Medicine practitioners and authors share her interests in health and wellness.LIVE, LAUGH, LEARN, LOVE, LEAVE A LEGACY is our mantra in the ACO CLUB.ACO Code of Ethics is important to all of our alliances who do business with us online. American Communications Online shares in the Social Club groups in social media.The ACO Code of EthicsIn accordance with board policy, every Director, Committee Member, Officer, Agent, Attorney and Employee of ACO
shall be guided by the Code of Ethics set forth below and should:act with the highest degree of integrity, which requires being honestand candidrecognize and accept personal responsibility to build and maintain ACO’s good name and reputationgive earnest effort and best thought to the performance of all dutiesnever use ACO’s equipment, systems, software, rooms, offices, facilities or supplies unless authorized by proper authorityprotect the privacy and confidentiality of employees’ personal and employment information and members’ personal information and financial records/transactions. Never access any member account without a business need to do so.not disclose sensitive operational or competitive issues with outside parties. Disclosures to representatives of the media will only be made by parties specifically named to do so.never use any information obtained in the performance of ACOduties as a means for personal gain or benefitdisclose, to the Chairman (in the case of officials) or to the cognizant Vice President (in the case of employees): all potential conflicts of interest, including those in which you are inadvertently placed due to a business or personal relationship with another employee, any member, supplier, business associate, or competitor of ACO’s Federal, or any other entity with which ACO does business; all fraudulent activity, dishonesty or corruption wherever discovered; and evidence of a violation of the laws, rules or regulations applicable to ACO and the operation of its business, or of a violation of this Code of Ethicsprovide the highest level of service in a courteous and professional manner and treat all individuals fairly without regard to age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, veteran’s status, social and economic status, or any other basis protected by law. Never act unfairly by granting special favors or privileges to anyone, whether for remuneration or not.never solicit or accept for personal gain (or for the benefit of any third party exceptACO ) any gift, gratuity, benefit or unusual hospitality that might be construed by reasonable persons as tending in any way to influence one in the performance of duties; nor accept anything of value in connection with ACO ‘s business after any transaction is discussed or completednever process or give authorization to process any loan or paper, monetary or data transactions for own accounts; accounts on which employee is a joint owner, authorized user, co-borrower, a custodian, or a trustee; and accounts belonging to any family member, to any substantive equivalent of a relative, or to anyone residing at the same addressnever mislead, coerce, manipulate or fraudulently influence the National Administration examiners, external auditors or internal auditors preparing an audit reportnever engage in business with ACO directly or indirectly, which is inconsistent with the honest performance of dutiesnever participate on behalf of ACO, directly or indirectly, in any deliberations or decisions on any question in which one has a personal monetary interest, including any decisions affecting the procurement of equipment, supplies or services from any sourceuphold these principles as fundamental to the well-being of ACO and to its continued service, growth and progressACO Association International Inc.Cosmos ExpoThe goal of the Expo is to give global businesses and organizations an opportunity to showcase their products, services, or programs to residents of the planet. We are a spiritual science community trade civic organization. We work with visionaries who want to be a part of our synergistic future not only on this planet but as a part of the cosmos. We are about thriving in the future. We are looking to find others who desire to be team players and a part of our American Communications Online Network.As a non-profit organization in a difficult economy, we know that your strength is in getting word out to the community about your services and fundraising activities as economically as possible.  ACO podcastThrough research and in-depth interviews with forward thinkers, podcasts focus on the trends and innovations that reshape our world and way of being, doing, and having.Our websiteAlong with our podcast, is our way of sharing our general research and insights with the public. Our team engaged with our global community of readers and listeners to help inform about our way of understanding future trends so that we can affect positive change in our present world before our transfer to another dimension. Our consulting serviceOur chosen team does personal and business forecasting, research and consulting. Some call this advising while others call this coaching or mentoring. Our agency uses long-term strategic forecasting to help organizations thrive with our way of synergy and expected future trends in goods and services. ·         ACO Club TRUST·         American Communications Online·         TJ Morris AgencyJoin the ACO network of visionary industry experts.Branding is what we share among our shareholders. Our members can share in synergy and building the future.We want those who truly want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and have time for growth in the future. It’s now about where we have been and where we are going so we can project the future. ACO subject matter experts vary from a range of disciplines and industries worldwide. These are experts who we have individually invited to collaborate with us on current and future projects to ensure our clients receive both informed and multidisciplinary insights to advise our long­ term growth strategy.Your profileThe more complete your profile, the larger your success rate can be for yourself as an individual and to participate with others.Your participation and profile determines what our committees will consider as the rates we can pay you and more frequently you will be selected to participate in projects.Get involvedThere are a number of ways you can advise and consult with the clients we partner with. When filling out your profile, we ask that you select a minimum of two particular topics you are an expert in or can mentor. Upgrading your certification is every 3 years.BenefitsACO Brain Trust is by invitation only. If you are selected to join this network, you will gain access to a select group of people through unique networking opportunities and future membership services. Theresa J Morris- American Culture International RelationsTJ MORRIS MEDIA NEWS PUBLISHING -ACO CLUB -ACIR REPORTERS- AMERICAN COMMUNICATIONS ONLINE-TJ MORRIS AGENCY AMERICAN PRODUCTION COMPANY, SPECIALIZING IN DOCUMENTARY, REALITY, AND NON-FICTION BROADCAST PROGRAMMING SPECIALS – AUDIO-VIDEO-EDUCATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT & LITERARY WEB PRESENCE BRANDS, BOOKS, EBOOKS, PDF.’S YOU CAN TRUST IN HISTORY FOR NETCITIZENS OF CYBERSPACE TECHNOLOGY·         HOME ·         ABOUT ·         BLOG ·         BOOKS – ON LULU ·         MEET OUR MEMBERS ·         RADIO SHOWS ·         TJ MORRIS MEDIA ·         TJ MORRIS RADIO ·         TJ MORRIS AGENCY – ACO ·         TJ MORRIS AGENCY – ACO ·         THERESA J MORRIS MINISTRIES.ORG ·         BECOME ACO MEMBER ·         ACE METAPHYSICAL INSTITUTE ·         ACO ASSOCIATION ·         ACO CLUB NETWORKHOME MISSIONMissionTheresa J Morris- Educational Entertainment
American Communications OnlineCreate and diffuse knowledge and support for purposes of educational entertainment creating goodwill, health and hope  as a  caregivers community .American Communications OnlineACO CLUB with Theresa J MorrisWe are expanding our clubs with various social media groups.If you are an owner or moderator of a group on Facebook there is a need to know how to podcast.ACO Club assists others in learning about Social Media and how to share your own interests, as well as, how to assist your friends.We as individuals can build our own relationships with others while we learn to make life better for all of us in communications.ACO CLUB is shared by American Communications Online. We share our education in entertainment.PlanningWhen planning your podcast, consider what your content will be about, what the goals are for your podcast, how your podcast’s content, logos and branding will reinforce your objectives. Also, come up with basic website theme and colors.Request for ProposalThe Project:ACO will begin growing our membership spiritual science products and services.We as individual author’s share the ACO Author’s Club Organization. We also share our Broadcast Media Network with affiliate hosts of radio shows.We will begin by asking our authors where they will be marketing their own books with their own websites.We will ask our ACO UFO Club Members if they have their own publicist or publisher. Many publisher’s only offer books on their own websites and do not market and promote or assign publicist for authors. We need to know what individual marketing and advertising budgets are available.If ACO Association is to publicize via our own peer review journals, magazines, radio talk shows  then we will ask you to join our project of which we will be offering an annual fund raiser for which 50% of the funds go to 501 ( c )  3 charity organizations to help the hungry and homeless.Our members will be able to participate in serving others by volunteering their skills and talents among their peers.Our specialty is nonfiction-body-mind-spirit-parapsychology-UFOS and extraterrestrial categories inside the Amazon categories.We began bringing our friends together for small town annual events. We now share our online presence in social media with friends we have met as entrepreneurs in cyberspace.Please share our future Events:Timeline:April (MAY Corporate deadline)August (December Corporate deadline)2018 – Available Venue Dates for RegionACO would like to invite various members in their respective areas of the country of the United States of American to provide a home for our annual conference for all members throughout the world.ACO American Communications Online is a division of TJ Morris Media – News-PublishingACO Peer REVIEW Membership Consultants are our life blood in our mainstream Spiritual Science Community and have been since 1989. Our spiritual paths were blended together in 1990 and continued to the present fay. We are awake and aware of our presence and our essence for sharing our social networks around the world in cyberspace.  Our visionaries are our Avatar Ascension Master Oracles. Each member is allowing their own spiritual growth to become enhanced into the all that is eternal while sharing the God presence in all and the Christ consciousness do unto others and the greatest is love to guide our community.  We are asking those who are contributors and supporters to volunteer their own time as ACO Membership Consultants to grow our numbers in our voting block. We provide the knowledge that there are many of us in our ACE Metaphysical Institute who believe in the Ascension Center Church Organization as one of Ascension of our own eternal spirit. We share as Lightworkers and Truthseekers. We share that Alien Civilizations Exist. We share in the spiritual metaphysical donations for the unexplained. We honor our ACO and ACE articles and by-laws. We share in our speechcraft to keep our words alive in our co-creations on our radio shows and our videos. Audio and video are both used in cyberspace for our own spiritual growth.We are a UFO Club of members who simply want to have fellowship among their own peers. We write our opinions and points of view on the subject that alien civilizations exist in our ACE Folklife Society. We share our UFO    while also growing the prospect pool to focus on an upcoming capital campaign to fund a new Venue for our Annual Conference for our Spiritual Science Metaphysical Community. Our Authors, Consultants, Organizers form a team committee for sharing fellowship, products, services, and fund raisers to accomplish a goal of sharing educational entertainment in cyberspace while learning to teach what must be shared in person such as breathing the same oxygen, speaking the right tones, feeling the right love and emotions, learning that which drives our community at the cutting edge of reality for our future.AuthorsACO American Communication Online We are we are promoting our own genre in books we sell online for our author entrepreneur members.We will begin assisting our peers with our own communication online groups by metropolitan areas meeting at book stores, libraries, and meet and greets monthly. We presently meet at Barnes & Noble, Books A  Million and share book signings in our own special genPublic Relations  -11-2017ACO Association International 501(c) 3 Charitable Organizations, Inc.©Agent: Theresa J MorrisCorporate Address: TJ Morris ACO3406 Greenbriar Ct., Apt.AGulf Breeze, FL 32563(850) 736-5138Email: TJMorrisAgency@gmail.comLocal business Type in Santa Rosa County, Florida, Account 73617 Business Tax Receipt registered as Theresa J Morris Ministries under 9024 Service (Ministry Education) – Occupational TaxTheresa is a woman over 65 years and does this more as a personal charity and hobby.Her friends encouraged her to write her life story and to encourage others as authors.We Fully Prepare You Before Every InterviewACO Podcast Team shares the task as a booking agent.We have TJ Morris Media and TJ Morris Agency. Theresa J Morris is the Host.ACO Association assisting in Social Media Educational Entertainment and Media connections such as podcasts.As your bookers, we fully prepare you to deliver your message and make the most of each interview.Normally there be costs such as a setup or administrative fee for marketing and advertising campaigns of a book and personality.ACO  Dedicated Strategist: A Team strategist member of ACO will be your primary contact, help refine your talking points and story, and aggressively pitch and book the most appropriate podcasts for you.ACO  Complete Press Kit: ACO Brand shares for our public relations members.We co-create with you a   marketing one-sheet/press kit with your brand info, images, bios, social media coordinates and all that you want to make public.ACO can suggest interview topics and promote your digital link.This contact we make for you allows us to promote you so that you do not have to “Toot your own horn”.We become a third party independent contractor for you with an unbiased approach.We can however, represent you and not tie up your time doing what is required to get on most radio shows these days. Most all hosts, producers, and managers involved in media and radio stations have a booking agent that will allow the podcast producer to download additional images and assets.Pre-Interview Dossiers: Pre-interview calendar invites with comprehensive information about the podcast, the hosts, and all other valuable information can be shared among all interested parties via email and in needed circumstances online using SKYPE or GO TO MEETING. We still use personal contact by phone as needed.Full Social Media Deployment: Comprehensive social exposure across ACO’s connections to various social media accounts leading up to and following each interview. TJ Morris Media, TJ Morris Agency social media graphics and assets which we also supply to the podcasts to help them promote you on their social media channels.Podcast Booking Plans / PricingWhether you need a cluster of interviews around a book launch, a new product or service, or you’re looking for consistent exposure as part of a larger growth strategy, we have something for you. We offer four monthly pricing tiers to help you reach your goals and your audience:ACO Association for 501 © 3 ORGANIZATIONS WHO SHARE OUR INVOLVEMENT IN ADVOCATING FOR Our Spiritual Community Universal Life Ministries & Services. ACO Agents, Consultants Organizers, Authors & Speakers Group. ACO Ascension Center Organization Spiritual Science Community of Lightworkers and Truthseekers. We have been sharing our free membership since 1989.ACO Ascension Center Organization as a Federal Identification and Articles & By-Laws for organizing purposes in the United States of American. Our Agent is Theresa J Thurmond Morris.ACO Is formed and founder by Theresa J Morris. Under the Research Administrator (Ministry Education) – Agent:Theresa Janette Morris, Theresa J Morris MinistriesTJMorrisAgency@gmail.comACO has adopted services and the occupational code in the state of Florida as required by law as the occupational codes used in only 38 code levels. The broadband levels (up to six per Occupation Group) are based on job intricacy and experience indicators. The following factors are used to distinguish different levels of work within each occupation group:Knowledge: measures the technical knowledge required to meet performance standards at a particular levelSkill: defines how much preparation and learning through experience and training is necessary to perform at a particular levelAbilities: defines the capacity to perform an observable behavior or produce a product Division of Human Resource Management August 2014.Mission:Spiritual Science Education, Integrative Medicine for Body-Mind-Spirit Research. Personal and professional business web presence. We share art, culture, education, science, technology, history, folklife. ACO Corporate Office is in Gulf Breeze, Florida with original Founder Theresa J Morris Ministries. ACO Ascension Center Organization. Federal Identification Number 45-5208156. NIRS Information on Letter from Cincinnati OH 45999-0038. Letter Reply refer to Note: 0244248205, 1-800-829-3676. 1-800-829-4933 for questions. Main # 800-829-1040, 800-829-0115, 800-829-4933, 800-829-8310.ACO INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION 501 (c) 3 CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS, INC.- Educational Services all products and services allowed by law.TJ Morris Media News Publishing -ACO Club -ACIR Reporters- American Communications-TJ Morris Media American production company, specializing in documentary, reality, and non-fiction broadcasting and spiritual science programming specials. Audio-Video-Educational Entertainment & Literary Web Presence Media-News-Publishing. Theresa J Morris Ministries specializes in Spiritual Science Metaphysics.ACO Articles and By-laws for the ACO Association for 501 (c) 3 charitable Organizations Inc.ACO CLUB a NON-Profit Organization communication online support group for educational, recreational entertainment and leisure in spiritual health and wellness and integrative medicine education and services (Ministry Education) Spiritual Science Trade Community of services.We share peer review journals for our various charitable service organizations including our religion that alien civilizations exist. h. UFO Secret Space Command Blog, Ancient Cultures Origin Blog, and the Cosmos Expos Blog are all for communication by the ACO American Communication Online.ACO Association for 501(c) 3 charitable organizations, Inc., Theresa J Morris Ministries, Agent for Service in Santa Rosa County, Florida 32563ACO – ACE framework for Purpose: Educational recreational club through fellowship in Communication building a 501 (c) (3) organization of associates membership driven by annual dues and donations sharing a society as qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the future. ACO Association for 501 (c) 3 Charitable Organizations, Inc., to be registered in Florida and Hawaii, USA. In association with ACO Ascension Center Organization and ACE Folklife Association of the United States of America. Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Founder -Agent, Consultant, Organizer.Theresa J Morris FounderChief Executive Officer (CEO)Research AdministratorMinistry of Education for ACO Association for 501(c) 3 Charitable Organizations Inc.A Spiritual Science Integrative Medicine Educational Research Association Community Online PressACO Association. International growth through communication, education, entertainment, recreational leisure, tourism. Includes medical tourism for health and wellness, archaeological spiritual site-seeing. ACO Self-help, education awareness, care givers health and wellness community interested in medical tourism. Authors, independent owner operators, entrepreneurs, practitioners, researchers, truth seekers, professional association for purposes of establishing and educational 501 (c) 3 organization. A global alliance of members in unity. We share an awareness of education fund raising awareness in a spiritual health and wellness trade association building community saving expense to our government by sharing books, workshops, training programs, and an annual professional trade association with body-mind-spirit and soulful expression of excellent caregivers and practitioners in mind. Art, culture, education, science, technology, history folklife building and social networking in our global community as ACE Folklife Society including ACE Metaphysical Institute, School of Counseling.Mission Statement: To provide spiritual science education awareness services, connecting integrative medicine education to others experiencing innovative online education , entertainment, research, health and wellness community.Articles & By-LawsWHO WE AREWe are authors, artists, artisans, crafters, creators, educators, engineers, folklife historians, history archivists, ACE journalists, ACE Reporters, ACE Authors, copywriters, editors, ACE Actors Guides, Life Coaches, Counselors, Health & Wellness Advisers, Clergy-persons, Videographers, Website Masters, Web Publishers, Movie Producers, Prop Experts, Custodians of the ancient wisdom, Lightworkers and Truthseekers of the new thought teachings. We come from all walks of life as individuals, professionals, volunteers, clergy, social networking associates.Ace-Folklife Association building community core history so no one has to feel alone.Engage in sharing sustainability of both planet and species through spiritual entrepreneur’s social networking people who want peace one person’s story at a time.”ACO – Ascension Center Organization Moving Forward!A Foundation of Self-Improvement & Well-Being!*Emotional * Mental * Physical * Spiritual Well Being*Health & Wellness *Co-Creating*Light of Creativity and ObjectivityACE Folklife dba ACE Nonprofit Inc. a caregivers storytelling and researching history of our cultures myths, legends, and beliefs. We specialize in human origin. International history and ancient cultures origin archives are our legacy for humankind as researchers, historians, and writers.History-Mysteries-Fae-Myths & Legends-Human Origin & Vanishing Cultures-World Religions Faith and Traditions-Eschatology-Morphology-EpistemologyAlien Contact Org. – Human Origins Historical Research Association. A trade community of professional entrepreneurs. Ancient History Mysteries sharing alien civilizations exist. We will be sharing ACE FOLKLIFE SOCIETY with various associations, organization and various people who also follow the ALA American Library Association.We the members of the ACO, American Communications Online Ascension Center. ACO is an extension of our original inspiration from our founder as the original Ascension Centers Organization which was founded for Spiritual Growth, Education, and Continued Research for the Communication of Truth. We believe in health and prosperity of all. Our official date with the founder and others began when a meeting was held in Hawaii in September 1989 and annually through 1993. The official Ascension Center was founded for sharing together a community of services and a spiritual products company with an import and export understanding of co-creating a global community. We share our own talents and skills as free agents, consultants, and organizers.Services are provided as private and group counseling, study groups, classes, seminars, written publications, audio-visual tapes, and other workshop materials, which is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and new though teachings and philosophies.Original Ascension Center Organization of Spiritual Science for the continuation of history and education with online communication. Ascension as in consciousness raising as the only thing we take with us when we leave planet earth our of physical form are our memories of our lives lived on planet earth. We experience life after life, near death experiences, and Emotional-Mental-Physical-Spiritual Well Being. Belief in Ascended Masters and Avatars life after death for immortal souls.We learn to share our past lives lessons and return to assist in this lifetime to benefit not only ourselves but other human souls who may desire to share and to not be lonely. We live and learn to share and if we cannot help another we certainly do not want to harm them. We have a philosophy of live and let live and to do unto others as we would have them do unto our own selves. Treat others the way we want to be treated. We share a win-win way of life. We learn we can all live and learn and love and leave a legacy for those who come after us. Leave the world in a better place than when we found it or was born here. We are doing our part to learn to not be alone and learn to share life in a community with friendship. Many of our members want to learn about others who have had lifetime experiences that may not be similar to their own on planet earth. the UFO Secret Space Program has been the history of all humanoids who come and go from this planet but in the past was only shared with those with a need to know. Now, we share what history we have found to already have been disclosed about the past of those we call extraterrestrials coming and leaving. We regard UFOS as unidentified objects, and USOs as unidentified submersible objects. Theresa J Morris Ministries was founded by original owner of the ACO Hawaii as the first original Ascension Center Organization for a spiritual trade community internationally in the United States of America first use September 29, 1989, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Reorganized in Kentucky July 25, 2012 as EIN# 45-5208156.Moved founder and corporate office to Florida January, 2017DESCRIPTION           ACO Spiritual Business Community and Trade Organization InternationalPatrons throughout the United States and the world. Subscribers receive a monthly Magazine – Report/Newsletter and are given a discount on all classes, seminars, books, tapes, and material published by the Ascension Centers Non-Profit Organization. OFFERING:A spiritual gathering place for private and group counseling, classes, seminars, publications, tapes for archiving purposes or personal educational use.We offer spiritual and educational products and services. We share body-mind-spirit health and wellness educational products and services.Classes and seminars are formed to discuss materials, teachings, revelations, and experiences of transformation in individual through expansions in consciousness as well as for healing the planet with love and light in a trusting environment.Each member will be continually supported in their spiritual and educational growth, self-improvement, speechcraft, communication, and leadership ability.Support is given to each member to live a “balanced life.”This includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being for whole life living.Making the world a better place for you, me, our children, and the entire human race.”Spiritual Business Community Networking & Trade Organization.Sharing artwork, books, and speakers with vendors who are into the body-mind-spirit sharing the birth-life-death process for our humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We care to share in the awakening awareness of our future by sharing in the arts and sciences. We are about education.We work with adult’s continuing education as ACE for the ACE Nonprofit Inc. We are adults who work together in education by sharing in a community online. We are using our practicing skills to provide content. We share content in our blogs and podcasts LIVE on the AIR with blog talk radio. We share webinars and communication online with our audio and video recordings. We write books. We support our libraries and our authors in both hardcover and electronic books we call EBooks online.Creative Imagination Inspiration Interdependence Starving Artists and Authors are coming together to work with Lightworkers and Truthseekers.We are coming together and are asking our authors to assist us in co-creating our members best quality for lithographs to assist us all in raising funds for assisting in uplifting humanity in our art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and folklife.We work with visual and performing artists. We work with artists and authors. We work with speakers in speechcraft and information sharing. We work with social entrepreneurs. We have a call to action to angels, lightworkers, and truthseekers.We have radio shows that are bringing people together.Friends sharing interests together in free open source media such as Facebook meet and discuss co-creating as organizers for various events at venues to support members as authors and speakers. We will provide a gathering place annually to support annual meetings for administrative purposes to elect new directors and officers as the case over time may be presented.WE ARE HAPPY TO SHARE THE FIRST ALIEN CONTACT ORGANIZATION also known as the ACO! We share groups which are interested in co-creating support of the philosophy that Alien Civilizations Exist as ACE the acronym over time. It is known that our history shows that people have been coming and going over time. We are sharing our Ancient Cultures Origin with our latest Cosmos Expositions with interstellar communication, archaeology, anthropology, and ufology all sharing the study of alienology as possibly our origins throughout the cosmos. We are at the crossroads in our lifetimes asking “WHAT IF!”Due to operating as more than one person in a synchronicity of having a framework to work with as possibly two or more people in unity there must be a general framework we share. This was adopted over time from November 1989 and confirmed with the first group in September 1993 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The original framework was for the first Ascension Center, and Psychic Network. These two have been founded by Theresa J Thurmond who is now known as Theresa J Morris. Theresa is sharing the original epiphany and vision for the future ascension age with the ACO as part of the original history of soul origin the way she has experienced life in this 3D reality. How to know what is folklife a division of anthropology and what is theosophy and both in relation to spiritual science and human physiology is now shared in the future of the education we communicate. The ACE Metaphysical Institute takes into consideration all the arts and humanities and the sciences including cosmology and all metaphysics.Misssion StatementWorld, Planet, Space Colony, Etc: _________________________________________________________MISSION STATEMENT:‘Our objective is to help humanoid sentient intelligent beings to escape the bonds of poverty and hopelessness by providing education, life skills, values and a caring environment that will empower them to successfully move into the mainstream of society.The ACO Association is an unincorporated cooperative association of webmasters and communicators online. ACO Club is a virtual professional association with actual presence in the world of communication scholars and practitioners.ACO Association is committed to enabling the effective use of new and evolving technologies to facilitate communication instruction, research and criticism, and to offering a technologically supportive venue for all who study the ways in which humans communicate. While the Association is based in the United States, it is a virtual organization that welcomes participation from academics, professionals journalists writers, graphic illustrators, news agents, authors, copywriters editors, publishers aIl throughout the world.Our peer reviewed journal: http://ACO AssociCONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF THE ACE Ascension Center Education & Ascension Center Organization with the ACE Metaphysical Institute which meets with the founder wherever she may meet with officers and directors in each state in the United States and as other countries are franchised into our international online creations in cyberspace.ACO Association for 501 © 3 charitable organizations Inc. ©ASCENSION CENTER ORGANIZATIONCONSTITUTIONARTICLE I1 The Body shall be called the ACO.ARTICLE II1 This Body ACO Association for 501 (c) 3 charitable organizations Inc. In association with ACO dba Ascension Center Organization and the ACE Ascension Center Education shall meet annually at convention, according to adjournment, but in case of emergency the President may call a special session with the advice and consent of the Mission Board, or two-thirds of the members of the Board present and voting may call a special session. The body ACE dba ACE Nonprofit Inc. shall work in alliance with ACO as Alien Contact Org a membership driven education community.2 This Body ACO dba Ascension Center shall include in the meeting annually the state Mission Board also known as ACE FOLKLIFE Society dba ACE for archiving and researching all . ACE as the acronym for adult’s continuing education and art, culture, education. ACO Messengers shall be called Personal consultants to the Board of the Body.3 This Body will allow members to join based on annual dues and tithing donations as love offerings to assist in the arts and sciences of humanity education in sustainability of planet and species. Ascension Center Church Org in an online internet church gathering will share radio shows with TJ Morris ET Radio on and TJ Morris Media.4 This Body shall be allowed to participate in trade and commerce and all enterprises allowed by law. ACO and ACE are recognized as an alliance of one and the same with goals in art, culture, education, science, technology, history, and folklife. ACO ancient wisdom and new thought teachings. ACE history and metaphysics of an esoteric rewriting history of humanity for the future. One being ACO is female dominant while ACE is male dominant as sister and brother in an alliance. Theresa J Thurmond Morris is founder of both the ACE and ACO and refers to the ACE Metaphysical Institute and the ACO with her own choosing for administration purposes with the acronyms as she sees fit.5 This Body shall be known as a not for profit spiritual educational organization and faith based charity fundraising allowed while interested in consumer affairs while advocating civil and human rights for all consumers who have the right to know of the best economical offerings in consumer products with educational awareness of what they are consuming. We will vote with our purchase power and become educated while sharing awareness of choices to vote when we purchase. We recognize purchase power as a platform group as a social network while caring and awake and aware of our sharing power and goodness as in caring for one another. We share our knowing and beliefs as in trust in each other as humans.6 ACE Nonprofit Inc. has been formed for the ACE Metaphysical Institute as a part and division to support the funding of teaching classes on spirituality, metaphysics, and of esoteric nature as a spiritual community. Ascension used for educational informational blogs. ACO brand can and will be used for branding purposes for future chosen participation in fund raisers for marketing. ACO will be used on banners for events and conventions.ARTICLE III1 The membership of this BODY shall consist of messengers from cooperating affiliated offices, churches, associations, groups, as members of this organization as follows:ACE and ACO Spiritual Retreats for authors, co-creators, educators and members. ACE Metaphysical Members share begin as students, qualified in courses and become teachers as the need arises. ACO and ACE will share duties and responsibilities. Websites are maintained by individual members who franchise brand names and logo under the ACE Folklife and ACO as Alien Contact Organization in various locations and countries as the interest is expanded.(1) Two messengers from each retreat, light center, education center, psychic awakening center, medical center, or church having one hundred members or less, which is in friendly cooperation paying annual dues with this organization as a convention in principal; is sympathetic with its purposes and work; and has during the fiscal year preceding been a bona fide contributor to the Convention’s work. A convention will be planned annually accordingly in each location which is franchised by way of payment of an annual franchise fee to the main headquarters for registering purposes.(2) One additional messenger for each church, association, group, organization, education institution, shall be allowed for each additional two hundred fifty members, or for each $150.00 and annual donation contributed to the Cooperative Program during the fiscal year preceding the annual meeting but no group, retreat, light center, education center, psychic awakening center, medical center, or church may be allowed more than ten (10) messengers to be allowed to administration management to be included as the international directors list globally. Members are listed in each designated franchise state or country. Members votes are collected by the one through 10 messengers that carry the votes to the annual gathering with a certified copy signed by the messenger responsible for the area franchise.(3) Messenger’s cars will be sent, upon request, to individual post office boxes for their members which are registered post office agent to accept the membership cards in the U.S. Postal System in their zip code office of the region in the USA or in case of global organization by registered agent for the nation state or country and regional and local office. State Convention Office must be registered to hold conferences in their home state and country and be a member of the ACO-ACE Convention Directory requested as members in good standing with the founder who is the keeper of the information.(4) Ballots will be issued to each member as a registered member at the time one registers. One vote per member.ARTICLE IV1 On the occasion of its annual meeting the Body shall elect by ballot, a president, a first and second vice president, a secretary, and one assistant secretary. Their duties shall be such as custom imposes upon such officers. They shall hold office until their successors are duly installed at the closing session of the annual meeting of the Body. No president shall be eligible to succeed himself in office. The President and the vice President and Secretaries of the ACO Convention shall be the officers of the ACE FOLKLIFE Mission Board of the ACO Convention.2 Persons to be nominated as officers of the ACO-ACE Convention must be consulted and permission secured before their names are placed in nomination. ACE Nonprofit Inc. officers are officers to be nominated and voted on as volunteers. Ascension Center Education is devoted to fairness for all and transparency for all books in each state and country for accounting purposes and members ballots and votes.ARTICLE V1 This Body has no jurisdiction over the local offices, churches, or the District Associations, and shall exercise no authority over them.2 All single members will be assigned a personal consultant as an agent of our organization depending on their local office, church, in state by location and region of the United States of America and in each franchising country. Volunteer clergy can receive commission on art creations as per any citizen with free will and intent for moral integrity. Charity fundraising with donations of art, books, and other products is considered as part of our annual goal setting.3 All Agents are simply reporting agents for accounting purposes. Personal consultants are independent contractors for hire as life coaches, personal managers and counselors are listed by office, church, in local city, state, and region in our ACO-ACE Directory. ACE Nonprofit Inc. will also list our agents, consultants, organizers, clergy, teachers, and others who may want to share their talents, skills, and membership with ACO and ACE.ARTICLE VI1 The Body shall be a medium through which the agents, offices, churches, in their sovereign capacity can work together in promoting all nondenominational enterprises which they deem necessary in carrying out the Great Commission of the Christ Consciousness Awakened Awareness of the Higher Self based on eternal knowing of an immortal soul that Ascension is our way of believing in Ascension Center Churches and Education. ACE Universal Life Churches are established in the United States of America. We certify our own clergy, teachers, and administrators.Association. International growth through communication, education, entertainment, recreational leisure, tourism. Includes medical tourism for health and wellness, archaeological spiritual site-seeing. ACO Self-help, education awareness, care givers health and wellness community interested in medical tourism. Authors, independent owner operators, entrepreneurs, practitioners, researchers, truth seekers, professional association for purposes of establishing and educational 501 (c) 3 organization. A global alliance of members in unity.3.Education fund raising awareness in a spiritual health and wellness trade association building community saving expense to our government by sharing books, workshops, training programs, and an annual professional trade association with body-mind-spirit and soulful expression of excellent caregivers and practitioners in mind. Art, culture, education, science, technology, history folklife building and social networking in our global community as ACE Folklife Society including ACE Metaphysical Institute, School of CounselingARTICLE VII1 The ACE FOLKLIFE Historical Society Mission Board of this body shall consist of members from each cooperating arm as categorized by their elected business title as office or church in the District Association plus eight at-large members from the geographical region of the state in which they live and reside. Members must live and reside in a direct district to work in their district as member, and personal consultant, agent. The Mission Board membership from the associations shall consist of one member from each cooperating District Association with a total office, church membership of five thousand or less, and one more member for each additional five thousand office or church members, or major fraction thereof, as reported in the Convention Annual Directory of the preceding year. Each District Association of our Personal Consultants Active with a total office church membership of five thousand or less shall nominate two persons for each membership on the Board of whom one shall be elected. Should any District Association fail to exercise this prerogative, then the Committee on Nominations of the Convention shall make the nomination.2 The eight at-large members shall be elected from any cooperating affiliated franchising Office Church, office education school, and ACE Metaphysical Institute. These members shall be elected by nomination by the Committee on Nominations of the Convention at the international annual meeting. ACO Directors may share in the ACE Educational curriculum building for goal setting and futurology.3 All members of the Board shall be elected by the ACO dba Ascension Center Organization for a term of three years, beginning in 2012, except those who are elected to fill the vacancies by 2017. Vacancies from death, resignation, or moving from the district association. A move of an at-large member does not constitute a need for a change in regional association. No member shall be eligible for re-election for one year after his term has expired except one who has been elected to fill an unexpired term. Members serving two (2) years and six (6) months shall be considered as serving a full three year term. Any vacancies on the ACO-ACE Mission Board not filled at the annual meeting of the Convention or which occur during the year shall be filled by the Mission Board Founder upon recommendations of the Convention’s Committee or Nominations. Mission Board Founder is Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris aka TJ Morris. May 2017 begins the new Board of directors with Theresa J Morris, Janet Kira Lessin, and Dr. Alexander Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. to hold office in Florida with online meetings via skype, zoom, or other electronic go to meeting webinars and go to meetings are required monthly and/or weekly.4 The retiring President of the Convention shall be an at-large member of the Mission Board for one year immediately following her/his term of office for the past annual convention as venue organizer event planner. This is for the largest annual gathering.5 The retiring President of the Convention shall be an at-large member of the Mission Board for one year immediately following her/his term of office and may be allowed to become an event planner listed for future event planning as a charity fund raiser along with his or her peers and a chairperson of a future community committee or group in our various social media groups online.6 Three members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for administrative planning purposes. These articles and by-laws must be reviewed by a legal and clergy member for morals and integrity with the laws of the United States of America. All changes are recorded once voted on with a signature by the founder.ARTICLE VIII1 The Mission Board shall have charge of the work of this body for organizing events, of this body between its sessions and shall appoint all officers, agencies, committees, that may be required to perform duties in its work including ACE and ACO.2 The Mission Board shall not contravene any Convention action. Mission driven statement based on articles and by-laws.3 The Mission Board shall neither create, accept, nor release any institution or agency for the ACO Convention, unless so instructed by the ACO Convention. The existence of any emergency in connection with an institution or agency shall be determined by a majority vote of the Mission Board in session, and the Board shall make recommendations to the Convention with reference to emergency.4 The Organized Mission Board shall make a report to the annual ACO Convention. At least thirty days prior to this meeting the Board shall publish in the ACO News Guide its recommendations except in an emergency that may arise thereafter. The founder Theresa J Morris shall publish a copy on her own for transparency purposes.Associate Clubs Issue in the Associate Clubs Information Recorder. ERA COP MAGAZINE is for our members stories. We share our Education Research Associates Community Online Press as our Reporting Journal and/or Newsletter if members want to establish a name with a by line as a contributor. Editor for our ERA COP Magazine and supporting staff is voluntary.We continue our spirituality without Ascension Center Organization in Unity.We now add for those interested our Alien Contact Organization for those who share our belief that “Alien Civilizations Exist”. We share ACE Folklife Society and ACE Society of Metaphysicians.Alien Contact Organization and Alien Contact UFO Secret Space Command will work together to establish loyalty, trust, and compassion among our members at UFOsecretspace.comWe share with social media groups in our websites among others we adopt as service marks. UFO Secret Space made known in 2017 at Cosmos Expo will be an annual gathering with a website magazine known as to support our annual membership event.ARTICLE IX1 No person shall be eligible to serve at the same time on more than one Board of Trustees or Directors or Managers of any agency or institution, office, church fostered and supported by the whole of the ACO dba Ascension Center Organization, except the Mission Board of the Convention, and shall not be eligible for election or appointment until he/she has been a member of the ACE-ACO for at least one year as a calendar year prior to nomination or appointment, and shall not be eligible for re-election after serving two full terms until having been out of office at least one full year, except the ACE-ACO Schools of Education as in the Ascension Center Education Institute Universities online may have a maximum of eight (8) trustees per brick and mortar college or university outside the state; these trustees to be nominated from candidates who are members in good standing of cooperating fully with the ACE Metaphysical Institute, ACE Academy and ACO Institute of Technology in their respective states in the United States or global work in the overlain course curriculum directory of offices and divisions by the location based on home headquarters in the USA and safe global tectonic economic plates on the planet. ACO School of Counseling addresses our caregivers, clergy, life coaches, practitioners, web masters, managers researchers, searchers, manage career transitioning, writers, editors, volunteers, and certification programs.ARTICLE X1 The President of the Convention and the Executive Director-Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of all committees as required to oversee the overall administration and accounting of the entire ACE-ACO annual convention for accounting purposes of charity donations to be included in the future rental of the annual venue and speakers.ARTICLE XI1 This Constitution may be altered or amended (except Article V) by the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present at any annual convention meeting, one year’s notice having been given to the proposed alteration or amendment.ARTICLE XII1 The Body will remain perpetually however if for any reason body was to be resolved for any reason the assets would be liquidated and all proceeds will be given to a charity for hunger and poverty in America. We share concerns for those who are hungry and alone. We also look after our elders in all states and franchised countries and if funds are over 1000.00 a division will be done per thousand and disbursed to prepare meals for the elderly and homeless.2 Fifty percent of the projects to be discussed as fund raisers will be to assist the hungry, homeless, women rights and government approved homeless shelters. We disburse in assigned regions according to Veterans Organizations Groups around the United States of America. We support our veterans.ACE-ACO BY LAWS1 The Session of the Convention shall be opened and closed in a one minute silent prayer by a delegated officer with our own clergy of the ACE and/or ACO certification membership in good standing. Annual conference will have a clergy serving member present to guide the spiritual affairs of the convention and to provide counseling and for purposes of performing marriages.2 Visitors shall have the privilege of speaking in debates or panel discussions but not of voting. Only members can vote and serve on panels.3 Each member, when he/she speaks in debate or has any communication to make to the convention, shall address the president, and when he/she has finished he/she shall be seated. This Rule #3 & #4 of By laws must be read at each Convention to the masses in the beginning and shared with those by members to visitors and members who are arrive late in passing in case a visitor is new to the convention. This rule is placed in all publications for each annual convention including in the annual program for public relations purposes. Order is to be maintained by a Sergeant at Arms member who has served in the Armed Forces and preferably a veteran.4 No member shall speak more than twice in any since debate or event on the same day without a two-thirds majority vote of the Convention except the President of the Convention and the Executive Director- Treasurer named in Annual Directory, and the Annual Program Guide with the Officers list for the convenience of our members and ticketed visitors acknowledgements .5 When a member shall be called to order he/she shall be seated until the president has determined whether he/she is in order. An appeal may be made from the decision of the president in this as in any case. Members are to be educated not to talk over each other and to respect members right to speak once recognized by the President.6 When the president shall desire to be heard in debate; or to be temporarily absent, the Chair can be taken by one of the vice presidents, or in case of the absence of both vice presidents, by some member whom the president may select or elect as masters of ceremonies in the President’s stead when involved in another conference meeting. The Sergeant at Arms can step into a position of authority when no officer is present.7 In the election of officers by ballot submitted in writing which is a part of the annual program to be counted after left in ballot boxes at the entrance of the convention hall tables, if only one nomination is made and no other person desires to be nominated, the secretary may cast a the ballot of the Convention which is in writing and announced to the whole convention in the main meeting hall at the beginning and updated at the end of the convention meeting with ballots posted total for the coming year for results all do not have to remain present to win. We prefer the officers to remain until closing with nominees included to learn of results and to know their term of office and training time allotted.8 The results of all balloted votes shall be made known to all messengers and recorders whether at the proceedings of the Convention. It being understood that these votes refer to the examination and election of all previous written ballots for the election of officers and any other ballot votes as assigned to debate committees for the next annual meeting.9 All resolutions, memorials, and all motions except motions related to procedures made for the consideration of the annual ACE-ACO Convention shall be presented in writing. All resolutions and memorials shall require for passage the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present and voting which are a minimum of quorum of 40 members for the annual convention in 2014 as 2011, 2012, 2013 for the first three (3) years have been filled voting to be held for all to follow in 2017 and then every three (3) years perpetually. Noted online original history is so noted from the kept physical record owned by the founder since 1989 in Hawaii. 1989-1993 Ascension Center Education and in Kentucky 2003- 2007 ACE FOLKLIFE Art, Culture, Education. In 2015 President is Thomas R Morris was nominated and appointed for three (3) years based on prior contributions to radio and ACE Book Club. In 2017 after the death of Thomas R Morris, December 2, 2015, a one year grace period was given to the founder Theresa J Morris. 2017 a new beginning was established to begin at the meeting in May in Mobile, Alabama with the three (3) directors. Future events will be determined.10 No new item of miscellaneous business may be introduced in the last session of the annual Convention without unanimous consent of the Body. No motions to rescind a previous action of the convention may be made in the last session of the annual Convention except by unanimous consent of the Body unless it involves banking choice for the local agent as a personal consultant of the newest franchise if needed to form a new franchise which is normally handled and the Bank chosen by the original founder as TJ Morris ACO, in Gulf Breeze, Florida USA. First donations cannot be accepted unless recognized with the ACO Convention LOGO which is authorized by and through the President only for branding purposes.11 The Presiding Officers for Banking Purposes is President/CEO. The Executive Director-Treasurer may share in responsibility and accounting and bookkeeping purposes for the assigning of a cashier’s check for the venue and payment of the expenses for each annual fundraising event. The presiding officers shall be empowered to sign for the entire ACE and ACO Convention. The President of ACO will remain first opening Officer as President/CEO of the original ACO for the duration of her life as the first officer for Life to be recognized in the public and banking system in the United States of America. Upon her death then the Number #2 Account of ACO Hawaii will become the Home Office but until such time Florida is the original founding state with the original founder of ACO with the Federal ID of the Internal Revenue Service and the US Treasury which has been assigned in 2012. Second office is recognized as Ascension Center Education – Hawaii, USA. For historical purposes the original date of the first Ascension Center was filed on the record in Hawaii 1992-93 in Honolulu, Secretary of State Office of assumed names where all requirements were met and signed by Theresa J Thurmond-Orr at the time. Official documents as Hawaii Driver’s License and US Passport were used at the time of filing along with brand logo. Cost to use brand logo and name in Hawaii is now set at $250.00 but will increase to $300 for filing in each state hereafter as an Agent Office to be used for convention purposes and business enterprise in trade and commerce if other than the Founder, Theresa J Morris dba ACIR, Agent for ACO dba Ascension Center Organization, and ACE FOLKLIFE a 501C3 Not for profit corporation open source on the internet in cyberspace social networking as art, culture, education. ACO is assigned for trade and commerce of cotton products for branding purposes to be used in association with the ACE FOLKLIFE Brand for business enterprising purposes and more importantly recruiting members to our convention. ACE Metaphysical Institute came into being with the original founder Theresa J Morris for esoteric purposes and as a clairvoyant with clear insight and intention. 12 The Committee on Order of Business shall suggest an order of business for the next meeting of the Annual Convention at the end of the Convention. It shall provide periods of time during the early days of the annual convention for the introduction of all matters requiring a vote not scheduled on the agenda and in the annual itinerary program in the actual printed program of publications to be kept in a volume book by year. One copy of each annual program by year will be labeled and kept in a hardbound binder. When introduced unless the annual convention then gives its unanimous consent by hand raised voting as in all yeas and nays with the majority rules to accept the motion as presented in motion form to be adopted then shall find inspiration x time for the considerations of the same.  For archiving purposes in a linear numerical annual.  13 Twenty-five percent of the registered messengers at any annual meeting convention shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business.14 Any question that is not provided for by the foregoing rules shall be decided according to Robert’s Rules of Order (Latest Edition).15 The foregoing rules may be altered or amended at any annual meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the members present.16 Committees of the ACE-ACO with Guidelines will be presented at the Mission Board of December and May meetings and of course other nominations may be filled as needed by the president. Meeting of the committees including special committees will be included as in those of the Civitan International Booklets as one of the organizations that has trained the president, Theresa J Morris, of Ohio County Kentucky, USA. Thomas R Morris served as co-founder of ACE in 2007 and elevated Theresa J Thurmond Morris to President/CEO as a nomination which was approved unanimously for the forming of corporation articles and by-laws.17 Committees on the annual awards and programs shall formulate the program for the annual meeting with awards to be presented to the winners of various contests held annually including the ACE AWARDS. Adults Continuing Education, Ascension Center Education, and Alien Contactees Education are sharing committees, groups, and websites for our community online practicing skills in writing and communication.PROJECT MANAGEMENT COURSES – ACO CLUB and ACE Book ClubIN ACO Social Service Club – Adults Continuing Education as ACE in America. We share the ACE Book Club with our members who are authors, contributors, and supporters.Integration Management recognizes and promotes diversity in technologies, cultures, people and ideas, both within our company and in the markets where we do business. ACE Folklife dba ACE Nonprofit Inc.Plan on preparing with the new edition Based on Material we will share as the New ACE-ACO Guide for 2014. Taking the Exam after July, 2014. 2015-2018 is important years for our new members to share in our webinars, and to meet our originators in person at book signings.We recertify every 3 years. We will share in other certification programs under generally accepted project management of experts. 500 to 600 pages are areas of incorporation into our NEW ACE GUIDE in the Metaphysical Industry of our state quotes of projects actually engaged in the project. If you or your organization would like to affiliate please contact our main office in Kentucky, USA.We are to be new to accepting the standard that is being used in world information network of the United States and for global management in the World Organizations Project Management Maturity.Exam takers of disconnect and the outlines of the content of the exam is now a point to fill the gap of time and cost for management of specific processes. We are socializing the new data flow throughout the ACE Guide has been made consistent to the Ascension Age of knowledge to wisdom.We now have the potential to leap to adaptive methodologies in a generic guideline driven standard in the knowledge industry. We share that we are a spiritual community of immortal souls who are bringing truth to light of our history and communication for the betterment of all for health and sustainability.We are in the health and wellness support along with continuing education in a whole lifelong learning process.We prefer to share the information that is shared in projects which deal with the new knowledge base of information. The New Social Entrepreneurs cover the entire span on project management life cycle in dealing with future stake holders. We handle much that is out of scope of critical understanding in order to ACE the ACE EXAM. We will be scheduling events on our webinars and future certification programs and psychic fairs and workshops with ET Seminars and Divine Expo.It’s interesting to know that we are in planning and we assist in creating plan and scope management plan and cost management plan.ACE Nonprofit Inc. has been formed for the ACE Metaphysical Institute as a part and division to support the funding of teaching classes on spirituality, metaphysics, and of esoteric nature as a spiritual community… We share awakening wisdom of our human nature and natures God.The development project management plan to distinguish what has been done in the past knowledge based management plans. We are always researching and learning how best to communicate our efforts for health, wellness, motivation, and support of our global community for health and prosperity for all.We are working on the new management of stake holder’s management of our high level profit changes as integration knowledge area for direct management project execution.Plan scope management will co-create a document that will tell the Project Team will be defined validated and controlled. This is the new process for the entire planned schedule management to share in the world information network knowledge area, of policies, procedures, and planning cost management.ACO-ACE MANAGEMENT STAKEHOLDER’S ENGAGEMENTPLANNING, MANAGEMENT, PROCESSING, and EXECUTINGPlanned quality IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT.Communications in knowledge of human processes as management stakeholder knowledge areas that are significantly exchanged.Planned communications management and controlled communications.The latest process is significant information of project performance and this applies cleaner and controlled monitoring risks. This makes procurement knowledge area as plant procurement management. Controlled Management and Stake Holder’s Management and engagement have been created to participate in knowledge of management and training.ACO & ACE Project Management Technical Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer.Scope ManagementTime ManagementCost ManagementQuality ManagementHuman Resource ManagementRisk ManagementCommunications ManagementProcurement ManagementProfessional Responsibility,Project Management – Context, Framework, ProcessesCLASS ROOM and ONLINE TRAINING and MANAGEMENTClassroom boot camp of instructors to lead students through changesWe will present presentations with our advisers on when to take the exam and why you need to select the ACE Metaphysical Institute for Certifications and re-certifications based on your interest. Please contact us in learning to share the future of our Metaphysical Group Training Matrix.We have Group request for those who are qualified for the Boot Camp. Submit your resume at no cost to you at Resume Review to TJ Morris dba ACIR and we will give you a qualified opinion over sharing resumes over the last ten plus years with our ACIR for Investigative Reporting on the Social Paranormal Kind.TJ MORRIS ACO SOCIAL SERVICE CLUBPrivate Membership Club – Membership Driven – Family Mediators – Personal ConsultantsWe share the ACO dba Ascension Center Organization and – Ascension Care Education as ACE Nonprofit Inc. Association. We are in the personal and business helping professions support of body~mind~spirit sharing the Birth~life~death experiences together.We share the ACO as Alien Convention Organization.We share the ACE as Alien Contact Education.We share our spirituality in our Ascension Center Church Organization. We have shared Radio Shows since June, 2012. We have built a large group of people who believe as we do as “Alien Civilizations Exist!A SENSION CENTER – PERSONAL CARE SERVICESWithout the information we receive through our five senses we could not function as the beings we are. Each sense has limitations. On the other hand, one sense can be used to compensate for another. The most effective way to receive information, of course, is to use all our senses in harmony.Another important aspect of learning about our senses is to become aware of physical handicaps that may cause difficulty for people who do not have access to these senses, though this does not make people different or lesser. These marvelous gifts of sensing the world we live in must be protected and cared for. Without the information we receive through our five senses we could not function as the beings we are. Each sense is important in its own right, but each has limitations.ACE Nonprofit Inc. – A SENSES EDUCATION ASSOCIATIONMembers Family Mediation- Personal Assessments for our Clients~ Caregiver Support ClubCaregivers – Housekeepers –Run errands- Weekly housekeeping – Daily remindersWe offer our services as needed or required on daily, weekly or bi-monthly check-ups on scheduled visits depending on the circumstances.Family Financial Consultants – Bookkeepers – Girl Friday- Secretarial Service – Authors Ghost Writing Editing Services. We are administrators for those who ask for our guidance in organizational matters.ACO SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB – HEALTH & HAPPINESS AS A GOAL FOR OUR MEMBERS. TJ MORRIS ACO IS MEMBERSHIP DRIVEN WITH PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL CONSULTANTS.ACO Culture Club –Overall Mission Statement for ACE & ACOART-CULTURE-EDUCATIONWe the members of the ACO and ACE ascribe to the highest standards of excellence with regard to the uplifting of humankind by providing spiritual education awareness and CONTINUED research for the communication of truth.SERVICES PROVIDEDWe share services as private and group counseling, study groups, classes, seminars, workshops with co-created written materials, audio/visual tapes, books-ebooks, and other materials. We share media, news, and publishing.We are supporters and advocates of the arts and healing for body-mind-spirit growth. Both ACE Nonprofit Inc. – ACE Metaphysical Institute and ACE Folklife Society and ACO Ascension Center Organization work together for spiritual education in our future community online with TJ Morris Media.We share our Associate Community Online as ACO as a community online practicing skills sharing information and education to those who desire to tune in and share our lives as trusted associates.Soul Essence – Spiritual Beings. Ascension Center Organization (ACO) – Ascension Center Education (ACE), ACE Nonprofit Inc., ACE Folklife Org, join as associates cooperative is membership driven to share awakened awareness affirmations as a spiritual support membership group community online practicing skills. ACE-ACO-ACIR-Ascension Center Information Resources is a foundation of self-improvement and well-being for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.We believe we are body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process and that the Ascension Age Affirmations Awakening Awareness are welcoming those who desire to become a part of our ascension spiritual tribe members in our Ascension Age Community. We know alien civilizations exist.We share the ET Radio with friends who also know of the Cosmos Beings. Ascension ET Spirit is ACE Metaphysical Institute as the ACE Nonprofit Inc. for spiritual growth education and continued research for the communication of truth. Introduction to Metaphysics and Spirituality Classes held weekly Ancient Wisdoms` New Thought Teachings. Essence Origin, Memories, Intelligent Design, Collective Conscious, Unconscious, and Critical Mass Mind. Metaphysical Ministers on Cosmology, Computers, Cyberculture, Science Discoveries, Human Spirit. We are all about being body-mind-spirit sharing the birth-life-death process. Theresa J Morris and her friend Bill M Tracer of ACE and ACO Memphis (Cordova) TN & Gulf Breeze, FL.  Join our Laws of Cosmos Beings in Cosmic Cyberspace. Join us Sundays 9 E, 8C, 7 MT, 6 Pac., 3/2 Hawaii Time in the USA. Central is spring back/Fall forward time. TJ Morris dba ACIR managed by managers of ACO USA- Theresa J Morris, Florida USA.Share this:By: TJ Thurmond Morris aka Theresa J Morris and TJ Morris dba ACIRAllowing us to co-create Alien Contact as a new cultural phenomenon is not a pseudoscience but a way of understanding a cultural community in the paranormal world some call an alternative culture.We share an interest in those who are sharing multi-media as authors of books, ebooks, blogs, websites, speaking on radio shows, television shows, events, conferences that all work together with the connection on the Internet or online presence in social media networks.Alien contact is a part of our Ascension Center Education process which is a part of our American Cultural Heritage.At our organization where we support each other’s co-creations online we share as a community online practicing skills.There are parts of us that honor our body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process here on planet earth as a responsibility for the critical mass mind thinking concerns project.We share in what we should forever learn above and below about our own humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We share the responsibility for each other with regard to doing our best not to judge each other but to support each other in our own spiritual soul growth through sharing education as adults.We share the adult’s continuing education whether one has the funding to return to a formal education, secondary to having to work for a living. We share that we support each other as a social community online in fellowship.We have co-created websites where we support each other with our own similar interests groups online and annually in person. We do what we can to attend events, and conferences in our area of the country of which we reside. We are more than individuals but accept a challenge for recognizing each other’s web presence.We share each other’s friendship in social media, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other locations including our Skype connections for communication. We share our radio shows where we document our stories and shares of our own special alien contact community.If you are interested in “Alien Contact” please allow us to share with you our own personal situations in life and our stories which become our experiences over time that may or may not be familiar to most on this planet we presently call home.Life on planet earth is more than we have been led to believe in the past by our academics, our governments, and even our churches. We are now more of an adult species of humanoids who can think for themselves and co-create counter cultures to those which were controlled by those in power over our health and prosperity and sustenance held in suspense for lack of education on how to better accommodate the masses. This is changing now as the world becomes accustomed to the fact that alien civilizations exist and that some aliens contact those not only in space but on earth.We call these people who have alien contact “Alien Contactees”. Now it is time to understand the various ways we can be contacted not only in our own minds but in person.This is where some UFO sightings come into play.ASCENSION PSYCHICS a division of TJ Morris Radio of Cosmos Radio Organization.Theresa J Morris, Host.Welcome to the new time in space with TJ Morris I will be sharing more on our TJ Morris RADIO NETWORK. 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We share ERA COPS as Education Research Association Community Online Press as a part of our ACO CLUB. http://eracop.comCourtesy ofAnn Fam Med. 2008 Sep; 6(5): 448–458.doi: 10.1370/afm.864PMCID: PMC2532766PMID: 18779550The 3 H and BMSEST Models for Spirituality in Multicultural Whole-Person MedicineGowri Anandarajah, MDAuthor information Article notes Copyright and License information DisclaimerThis article has been cited by other articles in PMC.AbstractGo to:INTRODUCTIONTo cure sometimes,To relieve often,To comfort always.Anonymous, 16th century, FranceThe ideal of whole-person care has long been espoused by physicians. Many have written about the role of physician as scientist and healer, who uses both objective and subjective methods to bring cure, relief, and comfort to those facing suffering, illness, and death.1,2 Since the time of this 16th century quotation, we have made tremendous advances in the ability to cure. Yet, experienced physicians realize that as we begin the 21st century, with the global burden of disease shifting to chronic illness,3 we still live in an era in which most of what we can offer consists of providing relief and comfort.Growing evidence for the beneficial role of spirituality in health and well-being suggests promising opportunities for innovation in providing relief and comfort.421 The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) now include spirituality in medical practice and education.22,23 In addition, many have called for an expansion of Engel’s biopsychosocial model24,25 for health care to a biopsychosocial-spiritual model,2629 in which relief requires understanding physical, mental, and spiritual suffering, and spiritual care plays a crucial role in providing “comfort always.” Yet there still remain many challenges to incorporating spirituality into medicine. Identified barriers include the lack of a common “language” for spirituality, as well as concern regarding boundaries, ethics, and cultural and religious differences.12,30Few comprehensive models exist that explicitly address how spirituality fits into whole-person health care. Reviewing the medical literature, Sulmasy26 concludes that specific models for patient care are lacking and proposes a biopsychosocial-spiritual model for improving quality of life for dying patients. Fitchett’s 7 × 7 model31 for spiritual assessment, tailored for those providing pastoral care, includes 7 dimensions of holistic assessment and 7 elements of spiritual assessment in a 2-column table. Wilber’s 4-quadrant integral model3234 organizes all human phenomena into 4 domains (interiors of individuals, exteriors of individuals, interior collective, and exterior collective) and can be applied to medicine.34 Benson and Stark13 include spirituality in the self-care leg of their 3-legged therapeutic stool (pharmaceuticals, surgery, self-care). A few models for whole-person care are also described in the nursing and social work literature.29,35Some models also exist regarding specific aspects of spirituality/religion and medicine. These models include effects of religion on health36; links between mind and spirit33; frameworks for spirituality37,38; and models for nurse education39 and counselor training.40Although these models are helpful, few are specifically tailored to the daily patient care needs of physicians. There is also need for models that explicitly address the problem of cultural and religious diversity regarding spirituality, the role of spirituality in the therapeutic relationship, and the spiritual needs of health care professionals themselves.This article provides a theoretical framework for the inclusion of spirituality in whole-person care in modern multicultural societies, for clinicians, educators, and researchers, through use of 2 models: the 3 H dimensions of of spirituality model (head, heart, hands) and the BMSEST model (body, mind, spirit, environment, social, transcendent). Specific goals for these models are (1) comprehensiveness, (2) applicability across belief systems (religious or secular), (3) accessibility to clinicians and learners, and (4) provision of a theoretical home for research on spirituality and health.Go to:MODEL DEVELOPMENTThe 3 H and BMSEST models evolved from the author’s 12-year experience with curricula development regarding spirituality and medicine. This experience included extensive literature review; implementation of 4 different curricula (3 required and 1 elective) for medical students, residents, faculty, and staff at Brown University, each running 4 to 7 years4143; and national presentations. The models were developed, tested with learners, and refined over 12 years.Other influences on model development include 16 years as an attending family physician and educator, including 13 years as core family medicine residency faculty; lived experience with both Hinduism and Christianity since childhood, in Sri Lanka, England, the United States, and India; and a lifetime study of the world’s great spiritual traditions, including formal study of Hinduism and Christianity, and informal study of Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Native American spirituality, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, and the writings of mystics and secular philosophers.The 3 H and BMSEST models represent a synthesis of these experiences. The effects of these experiences on model development include emphasis on the practical needs of physicians, learners, and patients; attention to cultural and religious diversity; and a quest for common ground.Go to:WHOLE-PERSON CAREThe first step in incorporating spirituality into medicine is establishing a model of the human being, composed of body (B), mind (M), and spirit (S). Figure 1, based on Maslow’s triangle44 for hierarchy of needs, illustrates this concept. Maslow’s lesser known, later work describes a state, beyond the commonly accepted pinnacle of self-actualization, termed self-transcendence, which is consistent with the inclusion of the spirit as part of the whole person.45 Dashed lines between body, mind, and spirit indicate that these are closely related rather than distinct entities. Arrows (a, b, c) represent the complex mechanisms through which these 3 facets interact. Ongoing research regarding these mechanisms includes anatomic, physiologic, biochemical, immunologic, energetic, and psychological exploration.17,32,33,4661 Environmental (E) and social (S) influences on physical, mental, and spiritual health are also depicted in this figure and are considered separate factors, consistent with the WHO Quality of Life approach.62 In order for this model to be practical, a definition of human spirituality must be developed that is applicable to all human beings, regardless of background, just as definitions of the human body and mind are universal.Figure 1.BMSEST model at the individual level: the whole person plus external factors.BMSEST = body, mind, spirit, environment, social, and transcendent.Note: Body = cells, organs, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, possibly energy systems, etc.; mind = thoughts, emotions, cognitive function, etc.; spirit = see Table 1; environment = physical environment, occupational exposure, health care system, etc.; social = family, culture, religious organization, education, economic factors, etc.Arrow a = interactions between body and mind.Arrow b = interactions between mind and spirit.Arrow c = interactions between body and spirit.Arrow d = interactions between environmental factors and the individual.Arrow e = interactions between social factors and the individual.Go to:DEFINITION OF SPIRITUALITY (THE 3 H MODEL)Defining spirituality has been a challenge for the medical profession. Yet, in order to have meaningful dialog, a common understanding of spirituality is essential. Spirituality is a complex construct. Responses from at least 800 medical students, residents, faculty, and staff in small-group teaching sessions to the question, “What does this word spirituality mean?”; a qualitative study of family medicine residents (unpublished data); and a review of the literature37,38,6367 led to formulation of the multidimensional 3 H model of spirituality shown in Table 1.Table 1.The 3 H Dimensions of Spirituality, With Examples of Each DimensionCognitive (Head)Experiential (Heart)Behavioral (Hands)BeliefsLoveDutiesValues Compassion, altruism, forgivenessDaily behaviorIdeals Moral obligationsMeaningConnection, relationship with: ChoicesPurpose Self Life choicesTruth Others, community Medical choicesWisdom Environment, natureSpecific practices:Faith (belief) The transcendent Prayer, meditation, yoga, chanting, rituals, diet, nature walks, etcInner energy
Strength, resilienceParticipation in religious communityInner peace, comfort, supportHopeFaith (trust)TranscendenceOpen in a separate windowThe 3 H’s encompass cognitive (head), experiential (heart), and behavioral (hands) aspects of the human spiritual experience. The phrase “head, heart, and hands” is used widely in other contexts6871 but is applicable here. The cognitive, or existential, (head) aspects include search for meaning and purpose, and values and beliefs most important in one’s life. The experiential (heart) aspects encompass the human need for love, inner peace, resilience, and connection. Finally, the behavioral (hands) aspects pertain to the outward expression of spiritual beliefs and needs, such as life choices, behavior toward others, rituals, and practices. These dimensions of spirituality are applicable to all human beings irrespective of culture or belief system, whether secular or religious.In the medical context, spiritual issues pertaining to the head include such questions as why is this happening to me (or my loved one), what will happen after I die, are these treatments consistent with my beliefs, and if God exists, where is God now? Spiritual issues related to the heart include the experiences of feeling connected vs alone when ill; feeling peace vs turmoil when facing death; or feeling hope vs despair when dealing with chronic illness. Finally, hands aspects can manifest in the medical context in a variety of ways including spiritually based treatment decisions by patients or families; patients’ requests for specific rituals, prayers, or diets; or physicians’ own needs for spiritual rituals or prayer when dealing with stressful situations.Go to:RELATION BETWEEN SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGIONPeople differ widely in the way they view the relationship between spirituality and religion. For some, these terms refer to the same thing; for others, they are overlapping concepts; and for yet others, they are vastly different.6467,72One practical approach is to envision spirituality as addressing universal human questions and needs, and religion as providing specific (and often differing) answers to those questions, and ways of meeting those needs. Human spirituality, therefore, is often expressed in the specific language of religions or other world views. For example, to the question of what happens after death, Christianity might discuss heaven and hell, whereas Buddhism will refer to karma and rebirth. To the question of how to feel more connected and at peace, Islam might suggest specific prayers and the reading of the Koran, whereas Hinduism might recommend specific Vedic chants and mantras. Regarding how to lead a good life and make good choices, Judaism might point to the Ten Commandments and Talmudic discussions, whereas an atheist might point to certain basic human societal values to guide life’s many decisions. The questions and needs are universal, but the answers and approaches vary.In Figure 1, organized religion is listed under social factors (S) that influence the individual. Because the combination of religious background, culture, family, and past experience shape the individual’s spirituality, members of similar religious backgrounds may have different spiritual beliefs and needs. Huston Smith asserts that in every religious community, a variety of “spiritual personality types” exist, ranging from atheists, to polytheists, to monotheists, to mystics.73 In a Jewish family, for example, one brother may be orthodox in his practices, whereas another brother may describe himself as a secular Jew; each will have different needs related to health care. Personal religiosity, therefore, is an aspect of a person’s spirit in Figure 1 (the 3 H’s) and interacts to varying degrees with organized religion.Go to:SPIRITUAL SUFFERINGSpiritual suffering can occur in any of the 3 dimensions outlined in Table 1 (head, heart, hands). A mother whose child has just died may wonder whether this is divine punishment for something she did earlier in life, thus experiencing spiritual suffering in the head dimension. A patient who is dying of cancer and has noticed family and health professionals withdrawing from him may be suffering in the heart dimension. Finally, a recent immigrant, without access to family or religious community, may be unable to perform important rituals that sustain him, thus suffering in the hands dimension. It is important to note that these 3 dimensions are closely related; thus, suffering may occur in all 3 dimensions simultaneously. The mother who is struggling with meaning (head), in the example above, may also feel disconnected from God (heart) and find herself unable to pray for help (hands). She needs assistance from someone specifically trained to address all of these issues.Because suffering has physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, therapeutic options should be available at all of these levels. Relief from spiritual suffering can be provided by spiritual self-care and 2 levels of therapeutic options: specialized and general spiritual care (described below). Figure 2 illustrates therapeutic approaches at the body, mind, and spirit levels (arrows f, g, h, i). Given the complexity of human suffering, multidisciplinary teams are increasingly needed to provide appropriate therapeutic interventions.Figure 2.Secular version of the BMSEST model for whole-person care: the physician-patient relationship.BMSEST = body, mind, spirit, environment, social, and transcendent; PT=physical therapy.Arrow a = interactions between body and mind.Arrow b = interactions between mind and spirit.Arrow c = interactions between body and spirit.Arrow d = interactions between environmental factors and the individual.Arrow e = interactions between social factors and the individual.Arrow f = therapeutic approaches at the body level.Arrow g = therapeutic approaches at the mind level.Arrow h = therapeutic approaches at the spirit level (specialized spiritual care).Arrow i = therapeutic effects at the spirit level (general spiritual care).Go to:SPIRITUAL CARESpiritual Self-CareSelf-care of the body and mind, such as by healthy diet, exercise, and social support, has long been encouraged. Spiritual self-care can take the form of self-understanding and inquiry regarding beliefs and values, or methods for bringing peace and tranquility, such as prayer, meditation, nature walks, church attendance, or yoga. With the growing interest in the efficacy of self-management in the treatment of chronic illness, the role of spiritual self-care in health is fertile ground for exploration.Specialized Spiritual CareFor specific struggles with head issues or hand needs, such as specific prayers or rituals, the most appropriate approach involves consulting a professional trained in spiritual care, such as a chaplain with clinical pastoral education (CPE) training or a community religious leader.7476 In much the same way as social workers or psychologists provide the mental health components of whole-person care, chaplains are also integral to the health care team. To maintain high-quality patient care, it is critical to attend to the boundaries of role and training between physician and specialist in providing this specialized spiritual care.7476 Physicians can identify the need and provide simple modifications in the treatment plan to accommodate specific beliefs. Chaplains, however, are trained to provide in-depth counseling and access to religious rituals and prayers (interaction h in Figure 2). In addition, it is essential for all professionals to cultivate self-awareness to avoid interference of personal beliefs and biases in ethical, patient-centered care.76General Spiritual Care—Being a HealerSpiritual care also attends to the heart needs (interaction i in Figure 2). The health care setting can be impersonal, leaving patients feeling vulnerable and disconnected from their usual sources of strength. This state of spiritual distress is easily overlooked because no clear religious struggle or need is articulated. The therapeutic intervention at this heart level is at once both simple and extremely difficult. It requires that health care professionals bring their humanness to the medical encounter. Elements include compassion, presence, true listening, and the encouragement of realistic hope, which have been articulated as critical elements of spiritual care.77 Unlike head and hand issues, these elements do not require doing, but rather being. These interventions do not require inquiring about specific beliefs and take no more time than a clinician’s usual duties. Rather, they require that health care professionals augment their everyday activities with presence, compassion, and positive intention. This definition of spiritual care overlaps considerably with the concept of physician as healer,1,2,7881 who cures, relieves, and comforts always. Balint82 refers to the doctor as a potent medication, and Hippocrates2 said, “Some patients, though conscious that their condition is perilous, recover their health simply through their contentment with the goodness of the physician.” Some of these concepts are also addressed in the literature on mindfulness83 and professionalism79 in medicine, and in the research being done on listening,84 altruism and compassion,85 and the placebo effect.13Importantly, general spiritual care does not involve emotional entanglement. There are clear distinctions between being engaged vs enmeshed. Osler, in his famous speech “Aequanimitas,”86 describes the value of clinical detachment, the “mental equilibrium of the physician…,” but advises striving for this “without at the same time hardening ‘the human heart by which we live.…” More recently, Fricchione87 describes the middle ground between separation and attachment in his neurobiologic modeling of human development and spirituality.To achieve this critical balance, physicians need to attend to their own health and well-being, including their spiritual health. Doing so is challenging in today’s health care environment, yet is essential in the quest to be a healer and scientist. Figure 2 reminds us that every physician is also a whole person—a product of his or her own culture, family, and social institutions (including the medical industry). It also reminds us that at the level of general spiritual care, the therapeutic association (arrow i) is bidirectional—physicians have the potential to heal and be healed through their clinical interactions, as clearly illustrated by numerous physician stories.8890Go to:BMSEST MODELS—CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS VARIATIONSFigure 2 illustrates the physician-patient relationship with therapeutic options at body (B), mind (M), and spirit (S) levels within the context of environmental (E) and social (S) factors; however, many who examine this figure will argue that no discussion regarding spirituality is complete without a discussion of the transcendent (T). The figure displays a secular version of the BMSEST model, which may resonate most readily with secular humanists or atheists. In this model, spiritual factors are entirely contained within the human being, and prayer and meditation are likewise human phenomena. The transcendent, in this model, may refer to the set of societal values and needs that transcend the individual’s needs, thus guiding complex ethical decision making.When one studies the world’s religions,73,9196 2 major conceptual models of a divine transcendent emerge, giving rise to 2 BMSEST variations—the duality model (Figure 3) and the unity model (Figure 4). Both models exist to some degree in all the major religions; however, the duality model predominates in western religion, and the unity model predominates in eastern thought and the mystic traditions of many religions.Figure 3.Duality version of the BMSEST model for whole-person care.BMSEST = body, mind, spirit, environment, social, and transcendent; PT=physical therapy.Arrow a = interactions between body and mind.Arrow b = interactions between mind and spirit.Arrow c = interactions between body and spirit.Arrow d = interactions between environmental factors and the individual.Arrow e = interactions between social factors and the individual.Arrow f = therapeutic approaches at the body level.Arrow g = therapeutic approaches at the mind level.Arrow h = therapeutic approaches at the spirit level (specialized spiritual care).Arrow i = therapeutic effects at the spirit level (general spiritual care).Arrow j = interactions between the individual and the Transcendent.Figure 4.Unity version of the BMSEST model for whole-person care.BMSEST = body, mind, spirit, environment, social, and transcendent; PT=physical therapy.Arrow a = interactions between body and mind.Arrow b = interactions between mind and spirit.Arrow c = interactions between body and spirit.Arrow d = interactions between environmental factors and the individual.Arrow e = interactions between social factors and the individual.Arrow f = therapeutic approaches at the body level.Arrow g = therapeutic approaches at the mind level.Arrow h = therapeutic approaches at the spirit level (specialized spiritual care).Arrow i = therapeutic effects at the spirit level (general spiritual care).Arrow j = interactions between the individual and the Transcendent.In the duality model (Figure 3), God is seen as separate from human beings but able to affect us on all levels. God is seen as a father or mother, and our relationship with other people is that of brothers and sisters. Prayer and meditation are methods of communicating with and attuning oneself to God, and all healing and moral guidance ultimately come from God. A variation of this model is applicable to polytheistic religions.In the unity model (Figure 4), Maslow’s triangles are turned upside down. Here, the body is just the tip of the iceberg, and on a spiritual level, we are all one. In this model, we are part of God, as a wave is part of the ocean, and our relationship with other people is akin to limbs on the same body. Prayer and meditation are methods to connect with “God within” or the “Oneness of the universe,” and healing and ethical decisions arise from connecting with that oneness.These 3 BMSEST models provide insight into the various ways people view spirituality and the transcendent, thus paving the way for more meaningful communication. They also emphasize that, in the clinical arena, the approaches to patient care (arrows f, g, h, i) are the same, regardless of the model variation most resonant with physician or patient. The choice of the most appropriate specific therapeutic intervention for the patient varies depending on the patient’s belief background.Go to:SPIRITUALITY, SERVICE, AND ADVOCACYThe individual’s role in the health care system does not stop at the physician-patient relationship. The BMSEST models also illustrate the 2-way interaction between the individual and social and environmental factors (arrows d and e). Ideals and values (head), energized by inner strength and resilience (heart), can lead to profound action on a systems level (hands) to benefit the health of others. History abounds with examples of individuals, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King, who harnessed spirituality to improve the social environment, with effects on many people’s health and quality of life. Research on altruism is beginning to elucidate some of the factors that influence this aspect of human experience.85Go to:FINDING COMMON GROUNDFor patient care, education, and research to successfully incorporate spirituality into whole-person care, it is essential that human spirituality be understood in universal terms, just as the human body and mind are considered universal. From the universal, we can appreciate normal variations, and from there, identify factors that affect health and well-being.The 3 H’s (Table 1) provides a framework for understanding common spiritual themes. These themes are both explicitly and implicitly present in patients’ narratives and actions. By recognizing and responding to patients’ cues, we can allow patients to provide us with the language of spirituality that best suits them—whether religious or secular.The BMSEST models (Figure 2, 3, 4) provide a theoretical framework for understanding the role of spirituality in whole-person care, applicable to all people. They also remind us of the existence of considerable variations in world views and images of God, while emphasizing the common therapeutic approaches available at the body, mind, and spirit levels. Optimal patient care requires a multidisciplinary team approach to navigate this complex system.However, the true common ground and foundation for integrating spirituality into medicine lie in the healing attitude and self-awareness of the professional. Adopting a patient-centered approach, reflecting “spiritual humility,” akin to “cultural humility,”97 together with an attitude of service and advocacy, will likely yield better understanding and thus better therapeutic options than simply following established spiritual history protocols.98,99 In addition, unlike questions in other areas of medicine, many spiritual questions are unanswerable. Thus, it is often in the appreciation of the questions, rather than the provision of answers, that healing occurs.Go to:CLINICAL AND EDUCATIONAL APPLICATIONSThe BMSEST models and the 3 H’s have many practical clinical and educational applications. The former remind clinicians of the layers of complexity in their patients’ experience of illness, and the latter provide a means for bridging cultural differences in spiritual beliefs and practices.Example 1. Medical students can use the BMSEST framework (Figure 2) to develop a holistic diagnosis and treatment plan. For example, when learning about domestic violence, rape, and incest, they can visualize potential effects on patients’ physical health (eg, bruises, sexually transmitted diseases, chronic pain); mental health (eg, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression); spiritual health (eg, search for meaning, conflicts between beliefs and treatment options); social relationships (eg, disruption of family ties, contribution of alcohol and drugs, police and legal issues); and environment (eg, safety/emergency housing). Therapeutic options may include medications for sexually transmitted diseases (arrow f) or posttraumatic stress disorder (arrows f and a); counseling by a psychologist for anxiety (arrow g); procurement of housing in a homeless shelter by a social worker (arrow d); counseling by a clinical chaplain regarding treatment options for a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest (arrow h); and a safe, compassionate, therapeutic relationship (arrow i).The 3 H model proves a useful tool for spiritual assessment during a medical encounter, as an alternative to existing tools.98,99 It helps clinicians recognize spiritual themes in their patients’ narratives and offers a common vocabulary for open-ended questions that can reveal the specific language of spirituality that a patient uses (religious or secular).Example 2. A 59-year old hospitalized patient with metastatic lung cancer is struggling with the decision between hospice vs more chemotherapy. Her physician is struggling to control her severe pain because the patient is reluctant to increase the amount of pain medication. A picture of Jesus on her table cues her physician to learn more about her beliefs. The 3 H’s remind him to start with general spiritual questions. He learns that although the patient believes in God as Jesus, her specific language of spirituality is from the 12-Step recovery community. Because the physician has a compassionate, respectful attitude (BMSEST arrow i), she tells him more. She believes in the afterlife and that things happen for a reason (head), and she feels loved by God and does not fear death (heart); however, she is struggling with the hospice decision and pain management (hands) because of a conflict between her fear of pain and symptoms vs her fear that taking narcotics is against the beliefs of her spiritual community. She worries that she will lose her community and die alone, “addicted” to pain medications. These concerns needed to be addressed directly, with the help of her 12-Step community, in order for her to peacefully transition to hospice care. At the end of her life, her physician realizes that attention to his own spiritual 3 H’s gave him the strength to visit her bedside, when nothing was left to do except provide his presence.Medical students and residents in the United States have diverse spiritual beliefs, ranging from devoutly religious (in different religions), to atheist, to undecided. The 3 H’s offer the opportunity for all learners to sit at the table when discussing spirituality and medicine.Example 3. Educators (a physician and chaplain team) have successfully used the following small group exercise as an introduction to spirituality and medicine in required medical school clerkship sessions41 and resident education43: (1) ask learners to define spirituality, (2) organize their answers using the 3 H model, (3) using small group facilitation skills, provide a safe and respectful environment for students and residents to learn from each other about the variety of world views present in their own learning community, (4) expand the conversation to stories from learners about patient encounters in which spiritual issues played a role, and (5) facilitate a conversation regarding challenges and approaches. This technique introduces the concept of spirituality as a universal human experience and promotes cross-cultural discussion.The 3 H and BMSEST models can also be used to nurture health care professionals’ self-understanding. These models help professionals clarify their own world view and provide tools for traversing cultural differences in spiritual beliefs and practices.Example 4. A medical student, visibly shaken, tells her advisor about an upsetting experience in her community mentor’s office. Her mentor, whom she respects, started praying with a patient while the student was present. She was taken by surprise and felt trapped, confused, and scared. Her advisor can use the 3 H and BMSEST models as tools to debrief her experience by encouraging self-understanding regarding her response (she is undecided about her beliefs, and her family has experienced religious discrimination); facilitating her understanding of the positive experiences of the patient and her mentor in this situation; and exploring strategies for responding to prayer in the clinical setting. In addition, the advisor could use the BMSEST models as training tools in cross-cultural communication for clinicians interested in including spirituality in their work.The 3 H and BMSEST models can also help promote physician self-care by acting as springboards for physicians to discover (and rediscover) their ideals, values, and purpose, and to explore methods to rejuvenate and sustain themselves during a challenging career. These methods, aimed at reenergizing the spiritual heart, can vary widely, depending on the individual physician, from religion-based activities, to secular activities, such as nature walks, dancing, and laughing with their children. Workshops regarding spiritual self-care have been valuable additions to medical education.42,43Go to:RESEARCH APPLICATIONSThe 3 H and BMSEST models also have research applications. Elements of these models can be tested. A variety of methods might be used to evaluate the universality of the 3 H dimensions of spirituality and the extent to which current areas of research/study have a home within the BMSEST model. BMSEST homes for published studies include the following: meditation and health (arrow a, b, c, or j)4,5,13,17,52,56; religion and health (arrow b, c, or e)8,11,12,14,16,36; compassion and altruism (arrow i, d, or e)85; biologic mediators of spirituality (arrows b and c)17,4655; consciousness studies, in the areas of mind and spirit (arrow b)32,33,45; and human energy systems (body, arrows a and c).5759 The BMSEST models can also help identify which of the 6 components and 10 relationships (a to j) need further study.The various subthemes within each of the 3 H dimensions of spirituality can be used to develop scales for measuring spiritual health, well-being, and need (for use in biomedical research). The 3 H’s can add to existing scales (reviewed elsewhere26,65) by providing a framework for ensuring that measures for each dimension are included in comprehensive scales and that studies regarding the relationships between various sub-themes (eg, effects of love, hope, forgiveness, meaning) can be conceptualized in a logical way. Future research could also elucidate the contributions of physical, mental, and spiritual health to overall quality of life.Finally, because the BMSEST models include consideration of the transcendent, which is frequently defined as being outside the realm of the physical world, they raise the question of whether effects directly related to the transcendent (eg, arrow j) can be adequately studied using methods typically used in biomedical research. Many have debated this issue.100102 Perhaps a deeper understanding of these effects can be gleaned only through direct experience and indirectly through qualitative methods, the arts, and the humanities.In conclusion, the 3 H and BMSEST models provide a conceptual basis for approaching spirituality as a universal human phenomenon, essential to understanding whole-person medicine. Given the complexities of the human condition, future study regarding whole-person care will require innovative multimethod research and a multidisciplinary approach, encompassing science, social science, and the humanities. Although challenging, many opportunities exist for finding common ground between differing world views and discovering better ways to provide cure, relief, and above all comfort to suffering patients.Go to:AcknowledgmentsI thank the many medical students, residents, and colleagues who, over 11 years, have engaged in frank conversations about spirituality and health. I thank Denise Leclair, MD, Roger Mennillo, MD, the Brown Family Medicine Scholarship Promotion Committee, Jeffrey Borkan, MD, PhD, and Kohar Jones, MD, for reviewing this manuscript.Go to:NotesConflicts of interest: none reportedGo to:REFERENCES1. Lown B. The Lost Art of Healing. New York, NY: Ballantine Books; 1999.2. Dixon DM, Sweeney KG, Pereira Gray DJ. The physician healer: ancient magic or modern science? Br J Gen Pract. 1999;49(441): 309–312. [PMC free article] [PubMed] [Google Scholar]3. Murray CJ, Lopez AD. Global mortality, disability and the contribution of risk factors: global burden of disease study. Lancet. 1997;349(9063):1436–1442. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]4. Benson H, Malvea BP, Graham JR. Psysiologic correlates of meditation and their clinical effects in headache: an ongoing investigation. Headache. 1973;13(1):23–24. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]5. Kabat-Zinn J. 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