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American Communication Online.

ACO Cosmos Expo Visionaries

Author’s Club of the Americas.

ACO Co-Founder 2012
Thomas R Morris
5-16-59 – 12-2-15
Agent Morris
US Army (R) Ssgnt.
CIA Agent

American Culture International Relations by Theresa J Morris Ministries. ACO Association Articles & By-Laws – Terms of Service. We are Ascension Age Universal Life Ministers. We support God as everything and that Jesus taught us about love. Faith, Hope, Charity, and the greatest is Love. Theresa of Ascension shares holding the space for LIFE!

We support suicide prevention. In honor of our member who began “Go Soul First!” An affiliate social media network. Paul Rosenberg, Hollywoord Producer and Visionary.

Paul Rosenberg
Hollywood California USA
Producer-Video-Speaker-Ascension Age Advocate-12-21-12

Paul Rosenberg”GO SOUL FIRST” Cosmos – Co-Founder of ASCENSION AGE 2012 & Beyond. With Thomas Ray Morris and Theresa J Morris

We are sharing ACO Speakers on our TJ Morris ET Radio on various categories in Spiritual Science including ACO Authors Club of Independent Writers and Publishers.

We now share Science Fiction Writers in 2018 as ACO Members with our ACO Integrative Medicine Practitioners.

 Members assist with getting the word out about the Ascension Age in our Spiritual Science Community of Universal Life.





















Memberships ACO A.I.

ACO Membership Categories

The ACO Association International has established the following classifications of members:


Ambassador of Goodwill- Practitioner in the Health & Wellness, Body-Mind-Spirit Advancement

Authors Club Organization

Educators Research Association

Voting Member- Agent, Consultant, Organizer, Educator, Researcher

Ombudsman- Associations, Organizations, Institutions,



Any individual who agrees to support and advance the mission of the ACO Association Administrative Fee as our supporters, vendors, 

 sion Fee. Reinstatement based on annual dues of $24.00 for supporter of the Arts Level. Link listed in directory.

 Admission Fee to join is the basic membership fee to be recognized in our directory on an annual basis. By being included we recognize you as an insider in our peer review journals.

We began as archivists, writers historians in niche genres with the ACE Folklife Organization sharing our music ministry with other organizations in our alliance with BMI. Broadcast Music Incorporated.  We share our Artists as members in the local festivals and events due to they could not afford publicists. We added our independent authors and began sharing their books at our events and other conferences.

We now are not only artists, authors, webmasters but now include our musicians, producerse, radio hosts in our supporting members to share in marketing, public relations, and now our own advertising together as our own supporting association of members.

Web Presence Membership Separate.

ACO Asso professional peer review community of individuals interested in universal life living.

We are about Getting the Word Out about our members and their co-creations with us in cyberspace.

Many of our friends are in social media groups. They enjoy posting their finds in cyberspace. This may be re-posting what they have found in their own lives and share what is news worthy. We assist in helping their hobbies and interests become known in our peer review journals and on our radio shows.

Whether you’re a one-person operation — and happy to stay that way – a start-up with huge growth aspirations, or something somewhere in-between, your brand is your business identity and how you will be perceived. This is your opportunity to determine who you are and what you want people to think of you.

Regular Annual -Artist-Author -Copywriter-Editor-Writer $50
Student-In-Training $35
Non-salaried Event Volunteer $35
Retired Volunteer Event Planner $35

Advertising Community Online includes our friends in our peer review journals which we promote on our radio shows. If you would like to be a member and participate In our future events please go through the admission process by submitting your resume and or business profile.

Brand positioning, like many of these terms, contains the definition right in the term. It’s how a company chooses to position itself within a given industry to help it stand apart from the competition. A good brand positioning consists of three basic parts:

  1. Target audience: Who is the brand for? (Moms, teens, creative types, etc.)
  2. Benefit: How will the company make the audience’s life better? What’s in it for them? (Peace of mind, save money, look/feel better, etc.)
  3. Differentiator: Why choose this brand over others in the industry? (No contracts, advanced technology, superior design, etc.)

For example, General Motors has positioned Cadillac as a luxury brand while Chevrolet is an everyday brand. Cadillac’s target audience is drivers with a higher household income – people who are looking for a top-quality automobile with all the bells and whistles. Conversely, Chevrolet targets a more middle-class driver, and touts their dependability and ruggedness as selling points.


Conferences and Professional Development


Members are entitled to vote on all matters that are presented to the Association, provided that

they are current in their dues and other obligations to the Association.

Student Affiliate Member

A student who agrees to support and advance the mission of the ACO A.I
Student Affiliate Members are not entitled to vote on matters that are presented to the Association.
Retired Member Ambassador of Goodwill Supporting Health Advocate for the greater good of humanity and/or Omsbudsman.


A Retired Member is a person who has retired from the practice of ACO ombudsmanry with a minimum of two years of service and was a Member of ACO A.I.  of retirement. Retired Members are entitled to vote on all matters that are presented to the Association, provided that they are current in their dues and other obligations to the Association.

The Association may recognize certain Retired Members who have served the Association and/or profession with distinction with the honorary title of Distinguished Emeritus. The Board will accept nominations from members and will select the recipients for the Distinguished Emeritus title.

Retired Members honored with the title of Distinguished Emeritus maintain all the rights of International Ombudsman Association Bylaws. Retired Members but are not required to pay dues to the Association.


Certified Member

Application for Certification:  Certification also requires completing the Application Form in full, and submitting it for review by the Board of Certification, with all requisite supporting documentation and payment of a non-refundable certification application administrative fee, and a signed copy of the Certification Agreement Form, in which the applicant agrees to comply with Board of Certification policies and procedures.


There are no training, educational, or work experience requirements needed to register for and sit for the certification examination. An individual who has passed the examination, but who does not meet the other eligibility requirements for certification, may not claim to hold certification status. Any individual who uses the certification designation before having been awarded certification by the Board of Certification may be ineligible for certification in the future. Must support our Code of Ethics. ACO Universal Life Board of Directors must approve certification.

ACE Metaphysician Certification

ACE Metaphysical Institute has developed various projects for our agents, consultants, and organizers.

We are a support group in a spiritual community. Ascension Center Psychic Awakening Classes are required over several weeks. We can share our classes online in webinars. The discipline to stick with the courses and complete them no matter if they are familiar to the member must be repeated to absorb that which we ca co-create together. We practice among angels and guides that which has been taught from the beginning.

We share the umbrella with American Communications Online Education Research Association.

Our projects are shared to embrace and enhance our own personal interests, as well as, participate in life.

We are a fellowship community of volunteers who share various niche genre groups in social media.

Each of our members is on their own spiritual path in our ACE Metaphysical Institute as a division of our Ascension Center Education Programs. Symbols and meaning are a part of our metaphysical charm.

ACE Metaphysicians have shred common knowledge to co-create our universal life consciousness for eons.

We are all on our own spiritual path as a practitioner.

We support our weekly gatherings online with a practical approach to addressing our own skills, talents, and knowledge which grows together for our overall future potential.

We share in the enhancement of team building skills.

Our metaphysicians all know each other in our inner circles and work in various levels of development depending on which project our volunteers join. We share how to approach various opportunities which come up and include challenges in our own lives among problems in his/her respective environments.

Each Professional Development program focuses on the needs of the Organizational Committees Practitioner at an experience level, and provides demonstrations or role play, theory, and education appropriate for that level.

Video segments are used to enhance the case studies and life situations.

A training manual designed for use with each program serves as a continuing source of reference. Completion Certificates are provided for those who complete each program. Early-registration discounts are offered for each course. ACO members receive a discounted registration rate.

All ACO Directors are also trainers, while volunteers, are experienced Organizational Coaches. The use of a team approach in all their training provides participants with a variety of dispute resolution styles and techniques used in mediations in life and in our own organizations spiritual community.

Theresa J Morris is the founder of ACE Metaphysical Institute and the Ascension Center Organization in the USA.



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