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Hi, I’m Theresa J. Morris, Creator of ACO American Communications Online. As an author myself, I have learned that most my friends online are independent authors or event managers. My tribe is one of metaphysicians and interested in cosmology and what will assist us in the ascension process for our own soul.

We share spiritual support and grow our metaphysical tribe with events. I have ACO Event Managers and Authors Book Club. I have friends who want to communicate, meet in person, share interests in ancient cultures and new thought teachings as visionaries of our future. We communicate in social media, via meetings online, share radio shows and hope to explore changing our future for the better by co-creating a narrative.  There are expenses involved in forming our own peer group of colleagues. Venues cost and there are overhead expenses to reach others. We have begun the ACO Association to share that we have a spiritual community support association. We are non-denominational metaphysicians, and most are interested in cosmology, A.I. and technology, phenomenology, ancient cultures origin, reincarnation, time and space travel, alienology, pyramidology, ufology, integrative medicine, body-mind-spirit consciousness, pop culture, science fiction and fantasy movies. I began organizing festivals, book editing and publishing, and social media in 2003. I went online with blogs and websites in 2004. My TJ Morris ET Radio shows allow people to hear of our members who join our ACO Association. Our members support others at their own events who have a special group presented to the world. Now, we support Global Pyramid Conference and Stargate to the Cosmos, and Mid-South Conference. If you want to share your event and want to share information with our friends in social media, then please go to our website called Email TJ Morris Agency at

If you want to be involved in team building as either an organizer, event planner, author,  writer, speaker, supporter like a truth seeker then please contact me. We will find a place for you in our ACO Association. Email me:

Thank you.  .