ACO Not Fake News

Time to wake up and find out how the information you are providing for free on the Internet about you and your family and friends is being collected and used.

Words and photos of you, about you are being collected and held in an archive in a file in a server and can be used against you 

We will begin sharing how our day to day life feels after being a part of something that deals with educational entertainment on a daily basis.

People add what they want in social media and their are very few filters if any. Maybe some for language based on what we refer to as cuss words or foul language We are turning into internet feeders.

Where we obtain our information before we dispatch it out again under our name, ipc code, and location now with Facebook, Twitter, and other free connections on the internet is now a part of our pop culture.

We must be aware now that there are algorithms watching each of us and living life in what we call a normal world is changing daily. Anyone who has access to the internet can use free wi-fi with their cell phones in public places. People can video and capture anything and anyone and post it. People capture photos of others and sell them as copyrighted material to be used as photos online.

We are now entering into a “Big Brother” Orwellian Society and have allowed this to happen to how we live, who we are, and a not so private way of life. While we are using our new toys the word that prays on innocence are finding their own targets.

Many of us who use Facebook have been hacked and our photos stolen off of Facebook and used for example by desperate people  sending our friends information and getting our friends lists. Many of us who were innocent at having fun learning how to share our families photos with each other were also being stalked by predators. We did not understand how all of the prowling for prey and selling our information to  others such as advertisers for example was working against our own morals, ethics, and privacy issues. Then there are those in other countries that want to use our identities online.

Be aware that most people with morals and ethics and ways of communicating online with their friends may not be the way it is with others who are not your friends. How we now deal with each other and how we are tracked by the chip in our phones.

What will happen to all this collected information over time?

was shared over time with most everyone and no one was talking about it while we were buying our phones to get into cyberspace and on the internet fast track of information.

Now we are all blogging and sharing photos of things that we can capture instantly. Should we all begin a conversation and begin asking ourselves when and how we will change into something other than biological entities?

There is a new world coming and we are co-creating it.

We do not have to wait on the aliens to take us over. We are now diving head first into the abyss of the unknown while we are all programmed to share information that we find both inside and outside of our own brains and minds

Welcome to those who know about the “Game of Life” in all levels and dimensions. We now call this level of time and space a reality in the next level and dimension of not the “Twilight Zone” but the “Ascension Age”.

DefinitionFake news is a neologism often used to refer to fabricated news. This type of news, found in traditional news, social media or fake news websites, has no basis in fact, but is presented as being factually accurate.

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