ACO Release Form

ACO American Communications Online RELEASE FORM

This form is a general release of liability from all claims, actions, suits, demands, and agreements that ACO American Communications Online Event Managers productions provide.

TJ Morris ET Radio Shows have been recorded since June 6, 2012 for scholarly, educational and spiritual purposes.

I, ___________________, am a participant in the ____________________project, (hereinafter “project”.) I understand that the purpose of the project is to collect audio- and video- tapes and selected related documentary materials (such as photographs, and manuscripts) that may be deposited in the permanent collections of ___________________________________. The deposited documentary materials may be used for scholarly, educational, and other purposes. I understand that the __________________plans to retain the product of my participation as part of its permanent collection and that the materials may be used for exhibition, publication, presentation on the Internet and Word Wide Web and successor technologies, and for promotion of the institution and its activities in any medium

I hereby grant to ___________________ownership of the physical property delivered to the institution and the right to use the property that is the product of my participation (for example, my interview, performance, photographs, and written materials) as stated above. By giving permission, I understand that I do not give up any copyright or performance rights that I may hold.

I also grant to _____________________my absolute and irrevocable consent for any photograph(s) provided by me or taken of me in the course of my participation in the project to be used, published, and copied by __________________and its assignees in any medium.

I agree that ___________________may use my name, video, or photographic image or likeness, statements, performance, and voice reproduction, or any other sound effects without further approval on my part.

Location: ________________________________________

Event if Filmed Location: __________________________

I hereby consent to release my biography, name, talent, my likeness, my image, my voice, and allow all promotions and use for any and all production and documentary production I, the releasor, release the releasee for any and all claims I may have against the releasee up to the date of the signing of this release [relating to or arising from this provided information by me, and about me, or for me relating to my participation and all information I provide in any form as a participant. _____________].



Signature ___________________________

Dated: _________________________________

Email: _____________________________

Phone Contact #(Cell)________________________




Address: ____________________________

City, State:_____________________________

Country, Code:__________________________

Return to ACO American Communications Online, TJ Morris Publishing Agency, ACIR. Releases are routinely used by photographers, in film production, by documentary filmmakers, or by radio and music producers.

Theresa J Morris, Agent.

3406 Green Briar Ct., Apt A

Gulf Breeze, FL US 32563.

Note: This form must be on file by our project agent in order to perform in our events. Each of our ACO Event Managers pays dues to use our management tools, software and event agents, consultants, and organizers along with our own marketing and public relations social media network. We share our ACO Event Managers how to find us and our members as open source websites under our main office headquarters website with Theresa J Morris as Agent, Consultant, Organizer, and Host.

ACO Release (1/2017)

This form is a general release of liability from all claims, actions, suits, demands, and agreements. ACIR, ACO Investigative Reports, Journalists, and Documentary Teams.