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ACO Association with UFO Association for sharing knowledge of this project. TJTM – ACIR

ACO American Communications Online – Professional Trade Association Building Community with TJ Morris. Share Allied Command Organization in our Universal Life Ascension.Center Electronic Digital Information publishing and content provider Company. The following data will be completed within 24 business hours:

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·  Banking & Financial Information:ACO Association collects, preserves and promotes electronic resources which result from research and teaching in the arts and humanities, as well as Sciences. ACE Folklife and ACE Metaphysical Institute founder Theresa J Thurmond Morris pays for the cost to keep our links up on the American Communications Online and TJ Morris Agency accounts.

By preserving collections made in the arts and the humanities, the ACO Association, Ascension.Center encouraged research and educational use of its collections and made information about them available through online catalogues.

The identification and promotion of shared standards was critical to the ACO Association and UFO Association’s work. Preserving and exchanging digital information relies upon their widespread adoption and so did a more integrated approach to resource discovery which may have helped our users to find the resources they required irrespective of where they are located or how they are stored.

We rely on donations and volunteers in our American Communications Online Community.

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  • z39.50 service
  • UFO – SOHP
  • Sign Oral History Project
  • In May 1999, Sign Historical Group (SHG) researchers, writers, and historians convened a foundational workshop in Chicago to discuss the state of affairs, and application of historical methods to the sometimes sketchy, often misinterpreted and always-incomplete history of the UFO phenomenon. One area lacking preservation was the archiving of spoken memories and personal commentaries of historical significance through recorded interviews.
  • Many individuals who have personal knowledge of some aspect of UFO history, whether witnesses, government officials and personnel, scientists and investigators, or individuals involved in the social aspects of the phenomenon, have never been interviewed concerning perspectives only they can provide. We therefore initiated the Sign Oral History Project to preserve significant historical information and ultimately make it available for scholarly study.
  • What are UFOs? The truth being after seventy years we still have no idea. Historian David Jacobs observes, “It is difficult to name another subject so quickly identifiable, so widely debated, so easily dismissed, and yet so little understood.” Why is that? For one reason, the UFO issue has never received an objective, systematic scientific study. Professors Wendt and Duvall note in our current state, “the UFO can be ‘known’ only by not asking what it is.” This disregard of UFOs goes further to active denial of their object status. To that extent “one may speak of a ‘UFO taboo,’ a prohibition in the authoritative public sphere on taking UFOs seriously.”
  • It is also true after seventy years the UFO phenomenon has a robust history that pervades post-war American culture. What we can know about UFOs is the experiential phenomenon, and based on available sources, its effect within the Air Force and intelligence agencies from 1946-1969, including official responses and the attitudes that have shaped the issue. For a very concise history, see: Thomas Tulien, “History of the United States Air Force UFO Programs.”
  • Credit goes to Jan Aldrich on 7-25-2019 for sharing his knowledge of this project. TJTM – ACIR
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  • Theresa J Morris
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