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Ascension Center Oracle


ACO Association AOO Club Associates

Allied Command Organization

We the sentient intelligent beings of the cosmos have shared immortality among those who become evolved in their own essence. New souls are co-created in various universes in various stages of development.

We have been since the beginning of time as we relate space and time for measurement in the realities we co-create.

God has always been and therefore all that is known and unknown is the all that has ever been in all whether mass matter, energy, essence, or the opposite of all that is and is not.

The way we have learned to grow within and without is that which was created from the beginning to do so.

The Allied Council has shared the Allied Command which travels the universes and monitors our eternal growth of our precession process for all.  

ACO Association whole-person care Body-Mind-Spirit-Environment-Social Transcendent- Nature & Nurture Cultural Understanding for Conscious Clear Choices for Balance Daily.

Theresa J Morris shares the ACO as an acronym for ACO Association, Ascension Center Oracle, American Communications Online, Allied Command Organization, a theoretical framework for the inclusion of spirituality in whole-person care in modern multicultural societies, for clinicians, educators, and researchers, through use of 2 models: the 3 H dimensions of spirituality model (head, heart, hands) and the BMSEST model (body, mind, spirit, environment, social, transcendent). Specific goals for these models are (1) comprehensiveness, (2) applicability across belief systems (religious or secular), (3) accessibility to clinicians and learners, and (4) provision of a theoretical home for research on spirituality and health. We have adopted this into our spiritual science community we address as Ascension Center Organization in the United States regarding Integrative Medicine as Whole Person Advocates for whole-person care and self-training with Life Coaches. We share practitioners as advocates and as cosmos conscious consultants’ speakers as ambassadors of goodwill. Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris shares her ministry of education on whole-person care giving for caregivers in her Theresa J Morris Ministries, a spiritual science community known as Ascension.Center. ACO Ascension Center Organization is the headquarters for sharing the growing knowledge for evolved sentient intelligent beings. We share conscious knowing of free will, and essence we know as soul evolution. Ascension is the evolution of the soul through lives which are obtained to contain experiences of the nature of our kind. We assist in being ascension masters while growing and evolving our own spiritual kind. We assist in anchoring the stories of our culture to share in balance and stabilizing a place in space for the human race.