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Ascension.Center is the home of the Atlantis Oracle named in this lifetime.

We of the Allied Command Organization are aware of the position as keeper of the flame for our Supreme Allied Command who shares the divine with the cosmos. All that is and ever will be is shared among all who know the key to unlock the mysteries.

We who share in the ACO Association have formed community for those who desire to share in the higher levels of what is termed soul and/or consciousness of one’s own spark as part of the whole.

We share in co-creation to share what we call life of the expanse. We share the familiar game of life in the cosmos.

We are they who bring light and share in knowing that that which is in the dark can be manifested in the light. We are the lighbringers.

We share the ACO as the All Cosmos Origin.

We share the ACO Club of future members of the Ascension.Center Oracles with knowing the soul is the self as soul essence in all that is and ever will be.

We share the whole life living as knowing and believing in reincarnation of the soul essence for learning and evolving. We are the teachers, the educators, the healers, the seers, the prophets..

We have by invitation only those who come to the Atlantis Oracle and to the ways of the Ancient Mystery Schools and our Psychic Awakening Classes.

ACO Club ACO Association