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TJ Morris ACO Author’s Club Organization is a Social Network for people who enjoy sharing their lives with others. Theresa J Morris is the Talk Show Host on the TJ Morris Talk Show, and the TJ Morris ET Radio Show. Theresa is a communicator of the mysteries in life that make us all interesting including the subjects of extraterrestrial life and ancient aliens. Theresa J Morris author of Roswell UFO Encounters, Ascension Age, Alien UFO Story by TJ, UFOS & Extraterrestrials and is known as a Leading Life Coach working in sustainability of both planet and species. TJ is looking for her team to share in an annual ACO Convention with the theme “Alien Civilizations Exist!”. Theresa J Morris has the company TJ Morris dba ACIR, and ACO Corp of Friends, and ACE Nonprofit Inc which is shared by all the members in the grass roots of America also called ACE Folklife.