We are proud to announce our ACIR Fleet

Ken Johnston Sr. will now step up to assist us get organized with our 5 Developers in our Flag Ship Ceremony.

At present we have 33 Commands.

It has been suggested by the ALLIACE that we ADD ALLIEDCOMMAND.ORG

and UFO Association.

Under UFO Association we will add the UFO Secret Space Command.

This in 2019 is being done for transparency on the Planet for TERRANS.

We will now ADD ACO for the Alien Contact Organizers.

If you are WILLING to be in service to others we will ask you on a certain level to know who you are.

We will be breaking down our ACO into various COMMANDS, PROGRAMS, SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS, and AUTHORS BOOK CLUB.


We share ACO Association and UFO Association as our MAIN 2 HUBS.

ACO for our SPIRITUAL SCIENCE ADMINISTRATORS which include our ACE FOLKLIFE for Art, Culture, Education, Science, Technology, History, and Math with FOLKLIFE.

We share in SOCIAL MEDIA and SEARCH ENGINES in our American Communications Online which was formerly WIN. World Information Network and Americana Magazine and Social Paranormal.com with UFO Association PLANK OWNERS while we were not yet so transparent.