TJ Morris dba ACIR

Theresa J Thurmond Morris, American Communications Online


Information Security – Intelligence Analyzing

Assured Confidential Investigative Reporters

Information shared and collected for research, educational purposes only.

TJ Morris Agency Think Tank

Advanced Communications Internet Relations

American Culture International Relations

Allied Command Intergalactic Relations Think Tank of Leaders for Cyberspace Communication as Space Advocates as Explorers and Truthseekers.

Choices for ACO Association

American Communications Online

 – ACO Club

 -Storefront Online for Members who support our cause of international cooperation in cyberspace.

TJ Morris Agency – Advanced Communications Agency for Virtual Assisting members online via SKYPE.

Theresa J Morris is a woman veteran who shares her life as an ACE Life Coach. Theresa goes by TJ.

TJ shares weekly radio shows with her followers, friends, and contributors to her ACO Association.

They can send out SMS messages, contact you by email, provide information via their website, or chat with you via customer service representative on the phone. They can also accept alternate payment options, like Google Wallet or Amazon Payments.