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Tommy Hawksblood continues as a surpassing researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy and spiritual beliefs. His interest in these subjects began after birth 1959. His work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions, secret societies, and all world religions were his passionate interest. 

As an Event Speaker, Tommy creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the United States while lecturing with Global sciences.  

He has conducted many intensive seminars; has hosted his own radio talk shows; guested on more radio radio shows; has co-hosted on TJ Morris ET Radio since June, 2012.

As an author in our ACO Authors Book, he has written four books, and appeared in numerous television shows all devoted to understanding ancient religions and their pervasive influence on a negative influence  in world affairs today.

His work is starting to get worlds audiences around the world.

Considering the rapidly moving events of today, and the very real parts, hidden twisted religious agendas played out by many false religions and aliens interacting in our modern war-torn world, he feels these controversial subjects are too important to ignore.

Tommy shares his experience with truthseekers. His extraordinary presentations of teaching also include the ability to debate topics.

Tommy is a Moderator for Panels on radio shows on trending topics of the times.

Tommy has been a photographer and on documentaries and has included photographs seldom seen elsewhere.

Hawksblood’s areas of expertise as an event speaker he is qualified to talk in are:

*Spiritual vs. Religious Topics – Book: “How to See God”

God+* Sexual Symbolism in World Religions – how it it is destroying human thinking. 
* Foundations of Modern-Day Religion vs. ancient cultures

*New Age religions or Gaia philosophy. 
* Secret Societies  
* World Mysteries: Ancient and Modern- God or man made. 
* Ancient Occults : Abilities of the psychic realm PSYOPS
* Ancient Sciences and Technology 
* Hidden Bible Teachings and Mysteries


Speaker Tommy Hawksblood:

It  has become apparent that Tommy by choice has become a top speaker on God Itself.  Tommy studied the Occult and World Religions for over 25 years.

Being an elder in his spiritual community he shares his personal life eperiences which came at a great expense. Learning to travel the inner worlds, Hawksblood was forced into this path not by choice and it has become his lifetime’s work.

Tommy is a speaker of his truth. After five near death experiences and traveling the inner worlds for over 40 years has become very knowledgeable  in the subjects he talks about. That does mean the highest truth. 

He is a scholar at a whole new level.

Much of his study was in the higher realms which he can discuss as;

Going beyond the Astral Plane as realms of realization and levels of understanding the soul. 

Over the years, Tommy  had many teachers. masters and beings of the inner world which come into his life offering their truth to help him rise to a higher level only to find out  their true intent was always their agenda which is not what Tommy really wanted to bring into this world while he is still here. He learned as much as one could from the spiritual world. learning psychic abilities.


  1. the human soul, mind, or spirit.”their childhood made them want to understand the human psyche and to help others”synonyms:soul, spirit, (inner) self, innermost self, (inner) ego, true being, essential nature, life force, vital force, inner man/woman, persona, identity, personality, individuality, makeup, subconscious, mind, intellect; More