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ACOPress Club – Ascension.Center – American Communications Online
ACO Radio – TJ Morris ET Radio

Theresa J Morris Show

Theresa J Morris shares Live Radio Shows and makes them into recorded podcasts for members of her ACO Community as American Communications Online and ACE Metaphysiceal Institute now known as Theresa J Morris Ministries - Awakening Awareness of the Mind as Ascension Age.  Share ACE Life Coach by TJ Morris


TJ Morris Radio Shows


Dr. Sam Semir Osmanigic, ACO CLUB Pyramids Allied Command StargatesTJ Morris ET Radio

  • Science

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Dr. Semir Osmanigic, also known in education entertainment as ACO CLUB Ambassadors Project for the Cosmos. Theresa J Morris, Cosmos Ambassador, Ken R Johnston, Solar Ambassador, Thomas R Becker, Cyberspace Ambassador join forces to unite the American Communications Online as Allied Command Organization. Dr. SAM was on a late-night flight last night as a Globe Trotter from Canada back to USA and landed in Houston after the LIVE ON AIR Recorded Time for last nights Alien Stargate Organization Launch so we have asked him to plan on launching our ACO CLUB tonight 8E/7PM Central Houston, Texas time which he has agreed to call in on 347-945-7207. We will discuss the Ascension Age A to Z and how all our Associations can better perform in our Allied Command Organization as American Communications Online in our efforts to provide better citizen caring participation with what we all share and witness in faith and caring associations. We will do our best to convey our communications and combine our missions for various volunteer fellowship associations around the world. We are sharing our ACO CLUB Broadcasting both Audio and Visual together on American Communications Online and TJ Morris Agency with all our ACO Social Media Club Members who listen to TJ Morris ET Radio Shows and attend EVENTS we PROMOTE for our LECTURERS which include Dr. Sam Osmanigich.We will post 2020 EVENT SCHEDULES and LECTURES as they are made available to our ACO Association Directors. We have an Authors, Lecturers, Speakers Bureau and TJ Morris Agency keeps up with the booking calendar with youbookme.com and Google Calendars for radio shows and events calendar as a UFO Trade Association Directory for Members who travel the world. Dr. Sam is one of our most beloved speakers of our ACO Association Ancient Cultures Origin Research Projects.

About Us


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